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I've been a lover of video games, writing, and technology for as long as I remember. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I'm happy to write about gaming and technology for TechRaptor.


KekRaptor: Bowsette Announced For Smash Ultimate

Nintendo has announced that new fan-favorite Bowsette will be a character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Stemming from a trailer for New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Bowsette…

pegi ratings 31218 logos

PEGI Announces Ratings Descriptor For In-Game Purchases

The Pan European Game Information (PEGI), the European game rating commission, has announced a new descriptor for labels – that of in-game purchases. Previously, this descriptor was used for digital…


Valve Expands Linux Steam Support With Proton

Valve has launched a beta for a new project in support of it’s Linux development. Starting today, Valve is officially developing and supporting a fork of the WINE compatibility layer…

Battlefield 1 Game Page Preview

EA Announces Battlefield 1 Summer Update – True 4K On Xbox One X

EA has released details of Battlefield 1’s Summer Update. Most notably, the update promises “full 4K resolution” alongside HDR for the Xbox One X. While there is an asterisk next…

Oculus Rift Held Black Background

Oculus Changes System Requirements, Windows 10 Now (Partially) Required

Oculus has announced changes to its required and recommended specifications to run the Oculus Rift. The hardware hasn’t changed, but Windows 10 is now the only OS that will meet…

heavy rain

July’s PlayStation Plus Has Platforming, Fighting and Heavy Rain

Sony has announced July’s PlayStation Plus lineup, though it’ll look a bit different depending on where you live. For PlayStation 3 players, there’s a different game depending on if you…

beat saber review header

Beat Saber Review – A Rhythmic Challenge

Outside of Japan, the rhythm game genre is one that heavily waxes and wanes. When it launched, Dance Dance Revolution was a hit in the west. Guitar Hero and Rock…

pokemon fire red leaf green

The Year of Pokémon – Generation III … point 5?

Wait … there’s more? Yep, instead of going right to Generation IV, or even getting an expanded version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, we’re instead getting remakes of Pokémon Red…

sega mega drive mini genesis mini

Games We’d Like To See On The Genesis Mini

Sega has officially announced another iteration of a mini console based on the Genesis/Mega Drive. While it is still made in conjunction with ATGames, it seems Sega is taking more…

crackdown 1

Crackdown and Fable Among New Additions to Xbox One X’s 4K Lineup

Microsoft has announced another batch of Xbox 360 games that can be enhanced on the Xbox One X. According to Xbox Live Director of Programming Major Nelson’s blog, the games…

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