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I've been a lover of video games, writing, and technology for as long as I remember. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I'm happy to write about gaming and technology for TechRaptor.

beat saber review header

Beat Saber Review – A Rhythmic Challenge

Outside of Japan, the rhythm game genre is one that heavily waxes and wanes. When it launched, Dance Dance Revolution was a hit in the west. Guitar Hero and Rock…

pokemon fire red leaf green

The Year of Pokémon – Generation III … point 5?

Wait … there’s more? Yep, instead of going right to Generation IV, or even getting an expanded version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, we’re instead getting remakes of Pokémon Red…

sega mega drive mini genesis mini

Games We’d Like To See On The Genesis Mini

Sega has officially announced another iteration of a mini console based on the Genesis/Mega Drive. While it is still made in conjunction with ATGames, it seems Sega is taking more…

crackdown 1

Crackdown and Fable Among New Additions to Xbox One X’s 4K Lineup

Microsoft has announced another batch of Xbox 360 games that can be enhanced on the Xbox One X. According to Xbox Live Director of Programming Major Nelson’s blog, the games…

nintendo switch television

Norwegian Consumer Council Says Nintendo Violating EU Consumer Law

The Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) has determined that Nintendo is violating European Union (EU) laws regarding refunds and cancellations for digital purchases. EU law requires the ability to refund digital…

rhode island capitol building

Rhode Island Representative Proposes Violent Game Tax

A Rhode Island legislator has announced his intent to introduce legislation that would tax violent video games. Under this proposal, an additional 10 percent tax would be levied on games…

todd rogers with ben heck

Twin Galaxies Declares Todd Rogers Dragster Record Invalid, Bans Him Everywhere

After months of analysis and testimony, record-keeping site Twin Galaxies has made a final decision to remove Todd Rogers’ disputed Dragster 5.51 seconds time and ban him from any further…

denuvo violata nuova versione del sistema drm v5 290082

Denuvo Acquired By Global Digital Security Firm Irdeto

The infamous anti-piracy and anti-cheat company Denuvo has been purchased by Irdeto. Irdeto is a Dutch company that provides similar security software for a variety of spheres, including “media &…

minecraft kids

Former Mojang Boss Matt Booty Promoted To Head Of Microsoft Studios

Matt Booty has taken the helm of Microsoft Studios, Microsoft’s division for game development and publishing. He now fills the position left by Phil Spencer, whom Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella…

new gundam breaker 1

NEW GUNDAM BREAKER Breaking Through to the West

Bandai Namco has announced a new game in the Gundam Breaker franchise, simply titled NEW GUNDAM BREAKER. As of the press release, it is an exclusive for the PlayStation 4…

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