Jack Jacobs

Staff Writer

My name is Jack, I've been playing games my whole life, mostly Nintendo and Playstation. My all time favorite game series are Pokemon, Infamous, Golden Sun and Persona

pokemon go update togepi pichu

Pokemon GO Updates with Pichu, Togepi, and More

It has been 5 months since the release of Pokemon GO, and while its mass appeal has died down significantly (though it is still one of the top apps out…

youtubers life pc game

Humble Bundle Announces Tycoon Bundle

Humble Bundle is always coming up with great savings and great ways to donate money towards charity. Today, we have the Tycoon and Simulator Bundle! As always, you can pay…

nomanssky header

Vehicles May Be Coming To No Man’s Sky

Anyone who has played No Man’s Sky can tell you how unbearable traversing a planet by foot is. It’s slow, the jetpack adds no real momentum and if you ever…


5 Pokemon to Watch for in VGC 2017

Whenever a new Pokemon game arrives, it’s always an exciting time for the competitive Pokemon scene. New Pokemon means new teams and a whole new potential for strategy. Because Pokemon…

Overwatch Sombra

Overwatch Character Highlight: Sombra

Overwatch‘s 23nd character is finally here and she brings with her a fascinating skill set. Sombra is an Offensive technical hero; her abilities let her play very similarly to Tracer,…

3114800 dbz2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review – Rock The Dragon Again!

It’s been just under two years since the release of the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse game. In early 2016, a promotional website appeared titled “Fly Through Time” with a countdown…

kings quest chapter 1 screenshot 07 1920.0

King’s Quest Review – Coming to a Close

In 2015, a game developer by the name of The Odd Gentlemen released a reboot of the Sierra franchise, King’s Quest. For those not in the know, the original┬áKing’s Quest…

Mei cover

Overwatch Character Highlight: Mei

Back when Overwatch first launched, there were a couple heroes in particular that caused frustration within the community. Mei is one of the few heroes with “Debuff” abilities (A Debuff…

Bastion cover

Overwatch Character Highlight: Bastion

Back when Overwatch first launched, there were a couple heroes in particular that caused frustration within the community. Bastion was criticized for being too powerful, and to the untrained eye,…

cover 1

King’s Quest Chapter 4 Review – Increasingly Worse

King’s Quest returns with another entry in its episodic reimagining. In the last chapter, we aided King Graham in his endeavors to find love. In Episode 4: Snow Place Like…

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