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Automobilista1 RS

Automobilista has been pulled from the Steam Store

Reiza Studios has removed the Steam store page for racing sim Automobilista following a copyright claim from an unknown source. Released in early access of February this year, Automobilista pits players against one another in…

FF world map final RS

KekRaptor: Newest Final Fantasy Character is a World Map

The internet exploded following this morning’s announcement by Square Enix that the newest playable character to be revealed in the latest installment of the much-loved Final Fantasy franchise (Advent Calendar) will be the World Map, seen here…

wii u discontinued

[Updated] Report: Wii U Production to End in 2016

Update: Nintendo Everything has passed along that Japanese website IT Media NetLab reached out to Nintendo on the story and Nintendo’s response was that it was unequivocally not true. they said that the…

Nelly Cootalot RS

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Review – Peck ‘n Click, Me Hearties!

Kickstarted sequel Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet drops you into the buccaneering world of budding young sky pirate Nelly Cootalot, keen to battle villains and hoodwink strangers aplenty on a daring quest…

Trackmania Turbo RS

Ubisoft Announces Open Beta for Trackmania Turbo

Announced at E3 2015, Ubisoft’s latest offering Trackmania Turbo is set to go in to Open Beta tomorrow, running until a single day before official release across all platforms. Hi-octane action abound, Trackmania Turbo pits…

Yandere Simulator RS

Yandere Simulator’s latest patch adds club benefits

The latest patch for senpai-worship fantasy Yandere Simulator now gives players a real reason to wander the school grounds and join one of the many varied clubs currently available to them. Still…