Dan Hodges

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Dan is a lover of games, music, and movies from the UK. He can usually be found buried in RPGs, shooters, roguelikes, and sometimes World of Warcraft, but he'll play anything he can get his hands on really.

anno 1800 review header

Anno 1800 Review – A Return To Form

After a couple of trips to the future, Ubisoft Blue Byte’s city-building series finally returns to its historical roots. Set at the beginning of a radical industrial age full of…

gta v 1

The Curse of Open World Games

If there’s one trend that can be attributed to the current generation of consoles, it’s the meteoric rise of the open-world genre. It feels like every third triple-A title released…

dangerous driving review header

Dangerous Driving Review – Bump In The Road

With Danger Zone, Three Fields Entertainment – a group of ex-Criterion developers seeking to rekindle the arcade racer genre – tried to recapture the chaos and excitement of Burnout’s Crash…

chocobos mystery dungeon review header

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! Review – Cute Chocobo Meets Tough Dungeons

If you aren’t already versed in the Mystery Dungeon games, they’re essentially real-time dungeon crawlers with turn-based combat. Originally a Dragon Quest spinoff, this series of RPGs essentially did the…

mortal kombat 11 online beta scoprion finisher

Getting My Butt Kicked In The Mortal Kombat 11 Online Beta (And Loving It)

I’m a pretty casual fan of fighting games. I’ve enjoyed my fair share over the years, but I’ve always sucked at them. They’re deep and intense, presenting an intimidatingly high…

idxbox game pass

All The Announcements From [email protected] GamePass 3/26

Today, Microsoft unveiled the first episode of their [email protected] Game Pass series, a take on Nintendo’s increasingly popular Direct formula. Expect this series of Publisher showcases to run semi-regularly as…

xcom header

X-COM 25th Anniversary – Franchise List

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of X-COM—25 years of tactically slaying aliens and stealing their tech. The beloved strategy series has had major highs and deflating lows. It’s seen a lot of…

the division 2 review header

The Division 2 Review – Loot ‘Em Up

The main criticism of The Division was that there wasn’t enough to do at launch. It featured a solid leveling phase that built up to a barren end-game. Clearly, the…

truberbrook review header

Trüberbrook Review – A Sci-Fi Journey Through Rustic Germany

Trüberbrook puts you in the shoes of Hans Tannhauser, a German-American quantum physicist who takes a trip to Europe after winning a mysterious lottery he doesn’t recall entering. He’s an…

left alive review header

Left Alive Review – Metal Gear Subpar

Don’t let the Yoji Shinkawa artwork trick you. Left Alive isn’t the Metal Gear Solid revival you’ve been hoping for. Nor is it a quality entry in the Front Mission…

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