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Dan is a lover of games and music from the UK. He loves RPGs, shooters, roguelikes, and World of Warcraft, but he'll play anything he can get his hands on really.

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PEGI Introducing Descriptor For Physical Products With In-Game Purchases

PEGI – the European content rating system – announced today that it will start labeling physical products that contain in-game purchases. The equivalent for digital products is already in action,…

the division 2

The Division 2 Beta Launches This February; New Story Trailer Launched

The Division 2 launches March 15, 2019, but you can get your hands on it sooner if you pre-order. Pre-ordering any version of the game will grant you access to the…

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YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Review – Nostalgic Clunkfest

If YIIK’s subtitle sounds a little pretentious, that’s because it is. YIIK is a neat throwback JRPG with a unique sense of style, but it just isn’t as groundbreaking as it…

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Bullet Points – Forza Horizon 4’s Seasons

There’s a lot of things that make Playground Games’ most recent entry into the Forza Horizon series stand out as the strongest. The beautiful and huge rendition of the UK…

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Ashen Review – Light Souls

Games directly inspired by Dark Souls are more than a little too common these days. It seems that a new tough-but-fair action-RPG arrives every week, each one seeming less unique…

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The First Round Of Black Ops Pass Content Is Now Live

The first major content update for Black Ops 4 is now live. Owners of the Black Ops Pass can expect to get two multiplayer maps, a star-studded Zombies map, and a…

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Geralt of Rivia Is Coming To Monster Hunter World In Early 2019

In a crossover that seems strange but immediately makes sense once you actually consider it, Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is coming to Monster Hunter World in a…

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Artifact Review – Defense of the Cards

The response to Valve’s announcement of a Dota-themed card game was loud and dissatisfied. Despite being made in collaboration with famed Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, it was immediately…

epic games

New Epic Games Store Will Take Just 12% Revenue Share

Today, Epic announced their new platform for selling games on PC and Mac. The Epic Games Store launches this year with a hand-curated set of games on PC and Mac, before opening up…

artifact monetization report

Artifact Monetization Report

Artifact is the collectible-card game (CCG) from Richard Garfield and Valve, bringing the world and characters of Dota 2 to life in a complex and challenging card game. It’s a quality…

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