Bryan Dupont-Gray

Former Staff Writer

Bryan Dupont-Gray is a content creator and writer based in Houston, Texas. He previously worked a few publications and has well-rooted experience in writing articles, press releases and has provided journalism coverage of the entertainment and video game industry By night, he is a local DJ. He has hosted several K-POP Nights at clubs like Barbarella and Henke & Pillot to much success. He continues to contribute his remixes to Houston's Chopped & Screwed music culture via his YouTube channel and is currently working on a solo EP project.

still not dead review header

Still Not Dead Review – Escape Death By Any Means

Sometimes you just want to shoot a bunch of random enemies for as long as you possibly can. Nothing too crafty or complicated. Just give me a pistol and pure…

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Engage In WW2 Mayhem In Steel Division 2; “Back To War” Pre-Order Offer

Who doesn’t love tanks and air fighters? They’re a powerful facet to tactical warfare and a necessary weapon when imposing your will on enemy factions. That’s why Eugen Systems is…


Aliens and Humans Clash as Attack of the Earthlings Comes To Consoles

Turned based-strategy games are a special kind of art, and we’re lucky to still have exciting developers like Team JunkFish, as they attempt to top their survival-horror title Monstrum. Enter…

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Praey for the Gods Will Let You Slay Giant, Powerful Bosses On January 31

There are plenty of ‘clone’ games that are gorgeously done and others that come up short. As such, the developers at No Matter Studios have attempted to take the magic…

GameStop Store Front

Gamestop Dials Back Company Sale; Stock Plunged to 26 Percent

Gamestop’s ridiculously low buyback prices for previously used games as well as its questionable marketing and in-store sale techniques may have come back to bite them in its rear end…