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Ben Kuyt

Gamer, Computer geek, Musician, Writer. Favourite series are Star Fox, Halo, Battlefield, and Forza. My last name is pronounced kite. Or kout, for the European Football fans.


The Round Up: New Budget PC

Since AMD released their new line of GPUs and RAM prices have been going down to the lowest they’ve been in 3 years, there doesn’t seem to be a better…

R9 Fury X

The Round Up: AMD R9 Fury X Build

[Picture Credit] Ah, post E3. What a time, right? After all that excitement, what is there left to do? Well, how about build a computer with the new AMD graphics…

GTX 980Ti

The Round Up: GTX 980Ti Monster Machine

The GTX 980Ti just dropped, effectively forcing AMD’s hand in having to be faster or cheaper while still giving amazing performance. That’s still a ways off, so let’s put together…

pc gaming sweet spot e1432865429600

The Round Up: PC Gaming Sweetspot

People are constantly looking for that Gaming Sweetspot when it comes to PC gaming. The sweetspot, in my opinion, is being able to play games with good graphics settings, like…


The Round Up: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt released on Tuesday May 19th, with some surprising recommended requirements on PC. So, like the GTA V PC we did last month, we’re going…


The Round Up: Screw Prebuilt Edition

Ever since I have started writing this weekly article, people have been saying “Why not just buy prebuilt computers instead?” Other than the cost savings you can get or performance…

Cougar Spike1

The Round Up: Low End Gaming PC

The last few weeks we’ve been going bonkers with high resolutions, high prices, and high speeds, but what about someone who just wants to play some older games? Well that’s…


The Round Up: GTA V Recommended Specs

GTA V released this week on PC, and it has already sold a million copies. Now, this is awesome, and shows that the PC platform is alive and well. But…

Mac Pro Ashtray

The Round Up: Cooler than Mac Pro

My friend recently asked me to help put together a part list for a workstation. However, he’s also a major gamer and wants to get into making YouTube videos and…

Tri X R9 290x

The Round Up: 4K Done Right

So, we did a few 4K builds in the past, but after looking at some benchmarks from competitors, crunching some numbers, we found a way to get 4K for $400…

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