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Brandon writes articles with focuses on video and board games, and Magic: The Gathering. When he isn't doing research for his weekly Magic: The Gathering column, he can be found enjoying the outdoors.

Gamesplanet Christmas Advent Sales Deals 3

Gamesplanet Hosts Third Weekend of Christmas Sales Deals

With the second weekend of Christmas-themed weekend sales behind them, Gamesplanet heads into their final few sales of the year with the third iteration of their “advent-style” weekend sales. Each…

Gamesplanet Christmas Advent Sales Deals 2

New Advent-Style Weekend Sales Deals Live on Gamesplanet

Last week, Gamesplanet launched the first of their Christmas weekend sales, focusing on a multitude of new sales every weekend instead of having one massive sale.  Each of these stylized…

Gamesplanet Advent Christmas Sales Deals

Gamesplanet Launches First Week of Advent-Style Christmas Sales Deals

The Christmas season is upon us and while we are still quite a ways off from one of the biggest retail holidays of the year, some stores have taken to…

Lazer Ryders interview header

Talking Lazer Ryderz with Greater Than Games – Gen Con 2017

Getting to Greater Than Games’ Gen Con 2017 booth was a snap, but fighting our way through the masses of people waiting to demo Spirit Island and and the newest title…

Twilight of the Gods Age of Revelation

Talking Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation with Victory Point Games – Gen Con 2017

Everyone that works for TechRaptor knows that while I report on just about everything under the sun, my real passion is for card games. While I’ve played trading card games…

Nutaku Battle Girls Dharker Studio Erotic Visual Novel

Nutaku Launches Erotic Visual Novel Battle Girls On Storefront

Adult gaming website Nutaku has announced one of the newest games to join its immense erotic line-up – Battle Girls, a mech-themed visual novel from the United Kingdoms-based Dharker Studio. Dharker…

Armor Blitz

Nutaku Announces Free-to-Play Strategic War Game Armor Blitz

Recently, Nutaku announced that it was adding a free-to-play browser title, Armor Blitz, to its lengthy catalog of adult gaming content. Armor Blitz had previously been debuted at Anime Expo(NSFW)…

Wizards of the Coast logo 1

Magic: The Gathering – WotC Addresses Friday Night Magic Concerns

In a news article released yesterday, Wizards of the Coast announced changes to their Friday Night Magic promotional card program, ditching their current, long-running tradition of foil, alternate-art Magic: The…

Wizards of the Coast logo

Magic: The Gathering – New Friday Night Magic Promos

In an article released today by Chris Tulach, Wizards of the Coast announced a series of changes to their in-store Magic: The Gathering play program. While the article detailed such changes…

Amonkhet art 2

Magic: The Gathering – Amonkhet Cycling Lands

With the release of every new Magic: The Gathering set comes speculation on what the obligatory rare land cycle will look like. Wizards of the Coast has thoroughly explored rare…

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