Andrew Stretch

Events Coordinator

I have been playing all kinds of games for as long as I can remember with a particular interest in action adventure and platforming titles. While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR.

jump force preview image

Jump Force Might Need Longer To Power Up

Jump Force should be a manga fan’s dream. Developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco, it combines forty different characters from across sixteen Shonen Jump franchises. Whether you’re into…

Kingdom Hearts Preview Image

How To Get All Secret Movies From All Kingdom Hearts Games

As Sora heading through the Disney worlds allows you to see interesting locations, meet a variety of new characters, and fight strange and wonderful monsters. Once you’ve cleared out the…

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Here’s How to Organize All The Different PC Launchers Into Steam

On the Xbox, you have the Xbox Store, on the PlayStation you’ve got the PlayStation Network, but with the PC being such an open platform it’s no wonder that a…

super bomberman r master chief

Games With Gold for February 2019 Brings The Boom

We’re so early into 2019 and already we have all kinds of great new games coming out, and plenty of deals from all storefronts. This week closes out January so…

genesis alpha one review header

Genesis Alpha One Review – Count Your Resources Wisely

Many people debate over roguelikes and roguelite games. What makes the game close enough to be called as such, and what makes it an easier hommage. There are many factors…

Kingdom Hearts Preview Image

Refresh Yourself On 15 Years of Kingdom Hearts History

After so many years Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally arriving in the west tonight and while this release has been marred by all kinds of early releases, leaks, and more…

far cry new dawn trailer

Far Cry 5 Sequel New Dawn Will Have No DLC, Team Up With Joseph Seed

Seventeen years after the explosive conclusion to Far Cry 5 players can revisit Hope County, Montana with Far Cry New Dawn that was announced at the Game Awards last year as a…

american ninja warrior game preview image

American Ninja Warrior Coming To A Console Near You

Today it was announced that the TV show American Ninja Warrior is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This game has come about from a joint venture…

octopath traveler key art

Trademark for Octopath Traveler’s HD-2D Filed By Square Enix

If there was anything that the world was talking about at its announcement it’s the unique art style of Octopath Traveler’s HD-2D. Taking a 2D 16-bit pixel art aesthetic and…

sd gundam g generation cross rays

New Gundam G Generation Game Releasing for Switch, PS4, and PC

Update: The days have passed and as expected SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays has been officially announced, bringing with it a full trailer. Now that we have a better idea…

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