Allistair Pinsof

Media critic since 2007, covering games for various publications and websites. These days, he develops a game on his own and follows the world of eSports. Aficionado of chocolate croissants, corgis and terrible FMV games best forgotten.


Uncharted 4 is the Groundbreaking Game I Wanted from E3 2015

The above title reads like satire. I know. When I watched the Uncharted 4 demo that closed Sony’s conference at E3 last Monday, I’ll admit I was a bit underwhelmed.…


Rewind Review – Dark Forces Series

When one thinks of Star Wars, gun duels aren’t the first thing that leaps to mind. The blaster rifle look and sound is iconic, but it’s not what captured peoples’…


Five things Bethesda Can Learn From The Witcher 3

The open-world game is the new frontier for developers pushing hardware, but it’s rarely the breeding grounds for memorable storytelling. Maybe I’m old-fashioned — I cut my teeth on Deus Ex…


DeepFreeze could be the future of GamerGate

Disclosure: There was an attempted blacklist against me via the GameJournoPros Google group which DeepFreeze covers in an article. I discuss both within this editorial along with my reasoning behind my…