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ArenaNet Used Spyware Anti-Cheat For Guild Wars 2 Banwave

User fwosar on Reddit posted a detailed analysis yesterday that asserts ArenaNet used spyware to obtain data to then ban suspected cheaters from Guild Wars 2. Early this morning ArenaNet…

sega mega drive mini genesis mini

[Updated] SEGA Mega Drive Mini Announced; Developed by AtGames

Apparently, SEGA does what Ninten … does? Seeing the massive successes of the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini, SEGA has jumped on the opportunity to release their…

sonic the hedgehog switch sega ages

Sega Bringing Genesis and Master System Games to Nintendo Switch

Announced during Sega Fest 2018 yesterday, classic games from the SEGA Genesis and Master System will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime this Summer. Releasing under the Sega Ages…

shenmue i ii re release

Shenmue I & II HD Coming to Ps4, Xbox One, and PC This Year

Cult Classics Shenmue I and Shenmue II are making their way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as a collection later this year. With Shenmue III slated for the…

Lawbreakers Fast Moving Blur

LawBreakers’ Developer Moving on to New Project

In a statement released today, Boss Key Productions has announced that they will be moving on from LawBreakers. LawBreakers will continue to be supported in its current state for now,…

spider man release date insomniac

PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Releases September 7; Collector’s Edition Detailed

Insomniac’s Spider-Man finally has a release date. The PlayStation 4 exclusive will launch September 7th, and along with the announcement a Digital Deluxe edition and Collector’s Edition was detailed. Originally…

24th kekkies awards

The 24th Annual Kekkies Awards

Now that we’ve let the fake awards with no real meaning have some breathing room (gotta make those dev$/publi$hers$ happy, you know), we can finally let our readers know our true…

frostpunk release date

Keep Your City Alive in Frostpunk’s Frozen Wasteland Next Month

Originally planned for 2017, Frostpunk was delayed to early this year, hopefully sometime in the first three months. 11-bit studios missed the mark, but not by much. The city management/city…

aegis defenders review

Aegis Defenders Review – Frantic Fun

Every so often, you receive the good fortune of running across a game that feels made just for you. Aegis Defenders is one of those games for me. Just the…

a case of distrust review tr header

A Case of Distrust Review – Don’t Think Too Hard

The recipe for good adventure games is one part visuals, one part atmosphere, and three parts writing. A Case of Distrust gets most of the recipe right, but falls short…

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