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banner saga 3 review

The Banner Saga 3 Review – The Journey Mattered

There’s often a “point of no return” moment in some games that suggest you should save your game. That what follows is a game-changing moment and you won’t be going…

glutt creature myrkfen rend

Rend Is Heading To Early Access July 31

Rend‘s closed alpha is coming to an end, and after much community feedback, the online fantasy survival game will be heading to Steam’s early access on July 31st.  For $29.99…

banner saga 3 logo

The Banner Saga 3 Preview – On Track For An Incredible End

The Banner Saga 3 is still a month away, but I had the opportunity to check out the first few chapters. With the first two games in the series establishing…

kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode

Kingdom Come’s Hardcore Mode Detailed In Time For Release Tomorrow

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is releasing free DLC to everyone, Hardcore Mode. If for some reason you are a crazy person and thought that Kingdom Come: Deliverance needed more realistic and…

kingdom come from the ashes dlc village

Build and Manage A Village In Kingdom Come’s ‘From The Ashes’ DLC

While at E3 2018, I had the chance to see some of Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s new DLC, From The Ashes. In From The Ashes, you’ll have the chance to build…

shadow of the tomb raider jungle

More Info About Shadow of the Tomb Raider From E3 2018

I had the opportunity to play some Shadow of the Tomb Raider and attend a presentaton that had a little bit more information on the game. What I did learn…

warhammer 40k mechanicus game

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus Is A 40K Game to Keep an Eye On

Warhammer 40K has a troubled history in gaming. More often than not, the games using the license have been duds. Now that I’ve seen some Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus at E3…

the surge 2 teaser artwork

After Seeing More at E3 2018, The Surge 2 Looks Like A Sequel Done Right

While at E3 I had the chance to check out a presentation from Deck13 on The Surge 2. It was all about what was new, and based on what I…

rise of industry logo

Become Your Own Business Tycoon In Rise of Industry

Rise of Industry is an upcoming tycoon game already in early access all (Steam; GOG [Affiliated]) about building a business. You’ll start with some cash and have a slew of…

awesome adventures of captain spirit key art

We Saw More of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit at E3 2018

I got to see some of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit in action while at E3, and it looks like I’m going to get gut punched hard by whatever…

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