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Alex Santa Maria

Reviews Editor

TechRaptor's Reviews Editor. Resident fan of pinball, Needlers, roguelikes, and anything with neon lighting. Owns an office chair once used by Billy Mays.

Marvel Heroes Omega Marvel Heroes Developer

Marvel Heroes Developer Lays Off All Staff, Service May End Friday

In a Discord message circulated on ResetEra, a former employee of Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion revealed that all staff have been laid off, and Marvel Heroes will close as early…

George Fan Plants vs Zombies

[Updated] Plants vs Zombies Creator Departed EA After Opposing Microtransactions

Way back in 2011, Electronic Arts acquired PopCap. Before the merger, PopCap was one of the best developers in the casual games market. Outside of the names you might recognize,…

Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Delisted After Six Months

One of the worst things about licensed games is that they always have an expiration date. No matter how innovative or fun they happen to be, there aren’t many companies…


Open World FPS Gunhead Warps Onto Steam in 2018

If you have been paying attention to the roguelike sphere in 2017, you’ll have at least heard of Cryptark. It’s a side-scrolling twin stick shooter set in space with tight gameplay and…

Tower 57 Impressions Header 1 100x100

Tower 57 Impressions – 16-Bit Splendor

There was a long while where Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was the enduring standard of 2D games. Developers were focused on making 3D work, which meant that progress in the pixel…

Need for Speed Payback Review

Need for Speed Payback Review – Asleep at the Wheel

Any franchise burdened with a yearly release cycle is going to suffer. Outside of simple roster updates and virtual puzzle books, a game takes more than twelve months to fully…

Battlerite Ashka The Molten Fury

Unleash Ashka The Molten Fury in our Battlerite Launch Giveaway

It’s been a long road for Battlerite, but the top down hero brawler has finally launched out of Early Access and is Free to Play for all. To celebrate the occasion,…

Pinball FX3 Review Header 100x100

Pinball FX3 Review – 88 Multiballs Per Hour

It’s safe to say that digital pinball has found its niche. After years of releases with two or three tables and questionable physics, the best minds in the pinball business…

Creepy Brawlers Header 100x100

Punch-Out!! Meets Pumpkinhead in Creepy Brawlers

The greater gaming community is very good about keeping old platforms alive. Releases like the string of SHUMPs that bolstered the Dreamcast’s lineup after its early demise keep fans excited…

Runic Games

Seattle Developer Runic Games is Shutting Down

More news out of Perfect World Entertainment today, as the shrinkage of Motiga has come alongside another studio closure. Runic Games, the Seattle based developer of Torchlight and Hob, is closing its…

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