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TechRaptor's Reviews Editor. Resident fan of pinball, Needlers, roguelikes, and anything with neon lighting. Owns an office chair once used by Billy Mays.

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We Happy Few Review – Mask of the Beatnik

Editor’s Note: Hours after publishing this review, a 7.6 GB patch was distributed to media. The changes include rebalancing crafting recipes, fixing crash bugs and repairing broken AI behavior. These…

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Mothergunship Review – Fire and Forget

Every memorable first-person shooter has a memorable arsenal to match. From DOOM‘s BFG to Halo‘s Needler to Turok‘s Cerebral Bore, these are tools of the trade with a defined purpose and lethal efficiency. More…

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Tempest 4000 Review – I’d Buy That For A Bushnell

To put it mildly, Atari is in an interesting position as a brand in 2018. Instead of Pong, hearing the name of the legendary game maker might bring cryptocurrencies to mind. Forget Adventure,…

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Super Indie Karts Drives Towards 1996 in Ultra Update on July 19th

We’ve seen our fair share of indie crossover games, but it’s only very recently that they’ve started to get good. Nicalis is covering the puzzle space and several others are stepping up to…

aliens colonial marines xenomorph AI

Coding Typo Ruined Xenomorph AI in Aliens: Colonial Marines

There are few games as infamous as Aliens: Colonial Marines. Hyped up for years by Gearbox and Sega as an authentic sequel to the movies, it released to scathing reviews. Outsourced…

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Enter the Gungeon Again With Advanced Gungeons & Draguns July 19th

It’s been a long while since we all first delved into the Gungeon. Described as “a benchmark in the roguelite genre” in our review, improvements can still be made. For players…

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Coverage Club: May Flowers

Typically, the summer months constitute a “down” time for games. You may have forgotten this last year since 2017 was a gold mine for amazing titles, but most years slow…

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Coverage Club: Hip to Be Square

Coverage Club is our weekly series of smaller impressions in the style of full reviews. Games can range from brand new titles hitting Early Access to older hidden gems that never…

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Yoku’s Island Express Review – Multiball Madness

The pinball adventure is a small but enticing category of games. Every time something like Mario Pinball Land or Rollers of the Realm comes out, I want to like it. I give myself over…

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Coverage Club: Mixing It Up

E3 is an all-consuming beast, and Coverage Club is no exception. It takes time, energy, and health in exchange for early looks at video games and opportunities to make a fool…

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