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TechRaptor's Reviews Editor. Resident fan of pinball, Needlers, roguelikes, and anything with neon lighting. Owns an office chair once used by Billy Mays.

for honor breach

For Honor’s Breach Mode Brings Ubisoft’s Brawler Full Circle

I think it’s fair to say that For Honor didn’t set its best foot forward on launch. We had high hopes when we reviewed it, but a swath of technical issues…

coverage club fatal twelve chuchel header

Coverage Club: Cute Before the Storm

Unless you’ve stumbled upon this website on a journey towards Jurassic Park spoilers, you know that E3 is right around the corner. As a good chunk of TechRaptor’s staff battens down the…

onrush review header

Onrush Review – Road Rage Evolved

Just a few months ago, EA gave us all a chance to have a second look at Burnout Paradise. Alas, a lot has changed in the decade since Criterion reached the…

street fighter 30th anniversary review header

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review – The Legend of Dick Jumpsey

Since its inception, Street Fighter has been the benchmark that other fighting games live up to. The gold standard that helped crystallize the genre and inspired everything that came after it.…

coverage club sky force reloaded star drift

Coverage Club: Stars and Skies

This is your pilot speaking. Please secure all your valuables and keep your tray tables to an upright position. As we close in on the stratosphere, please look outside your…

Temtem Header

Immortal Redneck Developers Crowdfunding Pokemon-Like MMO Temtem

Pretty much ever since the first Pocket Monsters games hit Game Boy, kids have wanted to play them online, as I can attest from first-hand experience. We went from link…

moonlighter review header

Moonlighter Review – Buy It At A High Price

When someone sees roguelike combat in a game, they prepare themselves for the long haul. Hundreds of hours combining different items to discover the most effective combination for combat. This…

mothergunship logo

Stack Your Miniguns in Mothergunship’s Gun Crafting Range Demo

Guns. Most video games have them. Most players love them, especially when they’re over the top. I’d bet that most players haven’t considered making them, but MOTHERGUNSHIP may change their minds.…

spartan fist review header

Spartan Fist Review – Glass Jaw

The most important part of any roguelike is replayability. The genre’s inherent difficulty means that players will be seeing early levels over and over. This means that variety in rooms layouts,…

rage 2 abadonattack gameplay

Avalanche and id Team Up for RAGE 2 in Spring 2019

RAGE 2 seemed the most unlikely. After all, how was Bethesda going to convince John Goodman to come back to games in 2018? Nevertheless, 2011’s apocalyptic shooter is indeed getting a follow-up,…

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