Anton Hill

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A lifelong gamer, I love to play, chat about, and write about games. I'm also known to passionately argue linguistic sticking points that nobody else cares about.

dear esther artwork

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Review – To Tell A Tedious Tale

Growing up in suburban Oregon, one of my favorite hobbies was hiking around Portland’s Forest Park. The best part of those hikes was the sense of exploration I got from…

GameHaus Cafe FI

An Interview with GameHaus Cafe’s Robert Cron

Many weeks ago, my wife took me on a field trip to a wonderful gaming oasis in the middle of otherwise nondescript Glendale, CA. She’d told me it was a…


Headlander Review – A Real 70s Head-Scratcher

Ah, the ’70s. Such a glorious decade of bell-bottomed pants and shag carpet. I fondly remember sitting down with my dad, a freshly cracked Coors in his hand, and watching…

big InBetween screenshot01 FI

In Between Review – The Five Stages of Great

In Between is a 2D puzzle-platformer developed by gentlymad that tells the story of a dying man who is dealing with his volatile emotions around his imminent death by navigating increasingly…

Carmen Sandiego

Rewind Review – Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego is an educational, web-based (originally released on the Apple II and MS-DOS) detective adventure game developed and published by Broderbund Software. Carmen Sandiego has…

Ticks Tales Cover

Tick’s Tales Review – Pointy Clicky Pixel Porridge

Digital Bounce House, the indie studio behind Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight, an 8-bit pixel-art-style, point-and-click, adventure, has crafted a charming, if flawed, retro game. Let’s start with the main…


Indie Interview – Digital Sun Talks Moonlighter

I’m always intrigued by interesting ideas in games, especially indie games. From the brutal, black and white simplicity of Limbo to the zany, absurd story of Hell Yeah!, I often enjoy an indie…