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Alec Blouin

Staff Writer

I'm a Native Alaskan transgender army brat who has lived and worked 9 jobs in 12 states. On my spare time I play all things strategy, watch way too many movies, and follow random stray cats at 2am.

Overgrowth Review Header

Overgrowth Review – The Floor is Lava

Back in 2005, a little game called Lugaru released. It was classically early 2000s story material with the graphics of a late 90s game. One huge difference was the fighting…

X Morph Defense Review Header

X-Morph: Defense Review – There Goes the Neighborhood

I remember being entranced at a young age by building destruction animations in early RTS titles. Red Alert 2 included buildings exploding and falling apart in realistic detail, from your…

Project Remedium Review Header

Project Remedium Review – Fighting the Sniffles

The number of interpretations of what it would be like to climb inside the human body on a microscopic scale are endless. This is a concept that has likely been…

Travel Oregon Screenshot

Oregon Trail Comes to the Modern Day With Travel Oregon Game

Travel Oregon, the face of the Oregon Tourism Commision, has released a licensed tribute to the original Oregon Trail video game. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has released licenses to a variety of…

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Review Header

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Review – Three’s Company

The problem with coming out with an expansion as large as XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is that it can overshadow the base game. Upon downloading and starting up a…

Tooth and Tail Review Header

Tooth and Tail Review – Fur and Loathing

There’s a story, possibly just a legend by now, of a time when a real-time strategy game was ridiculously popular on a console release. This was a magical time before…

Oriental Empires Review Header

Oriental Empires Review – Art and War

Oriental Empires immediately captured my eye. I’m a big fan of looking back in time, and anyone who has studied Chinese history knows the “Warring States” period was one of…

All Walls Must Fall Early Access Preview Header

All Walls Must Fall Early Access Impressions – The Club Can’t Even Handle Me

I can only imagine the boardroom at inbetweengames (a studio made up of 3 former YAGER veterans) during the development of All Walls Must Fall. I can see them with an…

Endless Space 2 Review Header

Endless Space 2 Review – The Dust Must Flow

Upon first appearances, Endless Space 2 does not seem to make any new major strides in the 4X genre. The title, the cover art, the opening menu, all of them…

20170511192813 1

Dawn of War III Review – None Shall Find Us Wanting

The Space Marine has always filled a special spot in nearly every form of media. Big, grunty trigger pullers meant to fill an armored suit and yell about how they’re…