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Mario Kart 8 review

Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart 8 Review (Plus Some Hardcore Gripes!)

Most gamers have fond memories of Mario Kart in their lives…whether it is from the first time plaing Super Mario Kart or 4 player chaos on the N64.  With only…

pokemon logo

Pokemon Meets Mortal Kombat with Fatalities!

Ever wanted to see Machamp rip Charizard’s head off?? Ok good I am not the only one!   Thanks to Adrian Jensen’s youtube page we all get a glimpse of what…

gears cog

First Image of Next Gears of War for the Xbox One

Black Tusk Studios, the new studio behind the next Gears of War since Microsoft bout the franchise from Epic, dropped some EARLY production info on the next Gears of War…


Moon Chronicles 3DS Episode 1 Review

Renegade Kid goes where not many people go…. no not space or the moon…but by releasing a First Person Shooter for the Nintendo 3DS.  Moon Chronicles 3DS is a remake…

pvz garden warfare

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Garden Variety Pack DLC Released

Out now, for one of my favorite multiplayer games in recent time (no not Titanfall) Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare received it’s first wave of DLC and the price can…

pvz garden warfare

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Xbox One Review

When Popcap first announced Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, it almost seemed like a joke.  When the original Plants Vs Zombies launched, it was super successful and ended up launching…

titanfall beta lets play

Let’s Play Titanfall Beta Xbox One

Despite the lucky few who got into the Alpha, this is the public’s first good look at the upcoming blockbuster Titanfall.  After plenty of time with the Beta I must…

ND feb 2014

Nintendo Direct Recap February 13 2014

If you missed, or lagged horribly during the presentation yesterday (like myself) here is what you missed: a new Super Smash Bros character announced, a bunch of new racers for…

flappy bird madness ebay

Flappy Bird Madness goes to Craigslist (Trolling Ensues)

Ok now as someone who frequents Craigslist, has sold and purchased many items through CL, and also made many purchases and sales on eBay, I feel that this has to…

PS Vita 2000 Bundle bl

Borderlands 2 Playstation Vita Slim Bundle Announced for US

The PS Vita Slim PCH-2000 series will be making its way to the United States later this Spring with a Borderlands 2 bundle.