Atari has announced that their most iconic console is being re-released in two separate variants before Christmas 2017.

The Atari ‘Retro’ Handheld will cost approximately £34.99 ($41.50 USD) and features a 2.4″ screen and an A/V output, with a HDMI adapter to be made available. The ‘new’ handheld also features responsive buttons, and what is being termed a stylish analogue control stick as seems to be illustrated, in the included pictures.

The Atari ‘Retro’ Plug and Play TV Joystick will cost £24.99 ($29.65 USD) features what Atari calls a progressive design and includes an arcade style button on top of the controller. As with the handheld, it comes with A/V cables, with an HDMI adapter to be made available. It will also feature the same fifty games as the handheld.

Both the handheld and the controller are only available for pre-order through this website at the moment, with no word on when it will be available worldwide.

Here is the full list of included games:

1. 3D Tic-Tac-Toe (31 in 1)
2. Adventure
3. Air-Sea Battle
4. Asteroids 
5. Black Jack
6. Bowling
7. Breakout 
8. Canyon Bomber
9. Casino
10. Centipede 
11. Circus Atari
12. Crystal Castles
13. Demons to Diamonds
14. Desert Falcon
15. Dodge ’em
16. Double Dunk
17. Fun With Numbers
18. Golf
19. Gravitar 
20. Haunted House
21. Home Run
22. Human Cannonball
23. Maze Craze
24. Millipede 
25. Miniature Golf
26. Missile Command
27. Night Driver 
28. Off the Wall
29. Pong – Video Olympics
30. Quadrun 
31. Radar Lock
32. Realsports Football
33. Realsports Tennis
34. Realsports Volleyball
35. Sprintmaster
36. Star Raiders
37. Steeplechase
38. Stellar Track
39. Street Racer
40. Submarine Commander
41. Super Baseball
42. Super Breakout
43. Swordquest: Earthworld 
44. Swordquest: Fireworld
45. Swordquest: Waterworld
46. Tempest
47. Video Checkers
48. Video Chess
49. Video Pinball
50. Yar’s Revenge

Quick Take:

This is interesting, I guess. It doesn’t do anything for me personally, but I can see a market for this – it all depends on if the market thinks this is an agreeable price (which is hard to tell) and if it will remain in stock – unlike the NES Classic. 

What do you think of this announcement? Are you interesting in this product? Let us know in the comments!

Patrick Perrault

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