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A few days ago, Warhorse Studios released a video update on their game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Gaming blogs all over the world have written about the video, but until now the only site in the US to give the update any press was Cinemablend. The complete silence from most major gaming publications about the title will come as no surprise to some. Daniel Vavra, the game’s director, has been a fairly vocal supporter of Gamergate, a topic which we at Techraptor have written about in abundance. Who knows how many other games have gone unnoticed just because the game developers somehow displeased the wrong journalist?

This of course leaves the creators of the game in a bit of an unfortunate situation; without a lot of press for the game leading up to its release, it will have an uphill battle to climb up Steam’s Top Sellers page. While the supporters of Gamergate are eagerly awaiting the game’s release, only time will tell if that will be enough to give the game a successful launch. Though things seem hopeful, as despite the lack of coverage, the video still managed to be their most popular one yet, and they have hit a new record week in their crowdfunding campaign. Hopefully word of mouth will continue to raise hype for the game over time.

Dan Worcester

Been playing games for over half my life. I like to think that I have a wide variety of tastes in genres, while still being mindful of quality.

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