Today, Creative Assembly has released an interview, which essentially unofficially/officially announced a new campaign expansion for “one of their older games”.

The expansion for the older Total War title is said to be the “biggest one yet”, and that Creative Assembly has been working on it for nearly a year. From what else can be gleaned from the interview, a “big free update” will also come with the expansion’s release, which is a nice if somewhat-expected surprise. Project Director Maya also notes that Creative Assembly is close to the testing stage and that nearly all of the expansion’s content has been coded in.

Given that the interviewee notes that “there’s lots of people still playing this particular game…”, and that Maya notes that “there’s a lot more we haven’t even touch in that era yet,” here is a list of Total War games being played right now

The obvious title that sticks out is Rome II: Total War, which despite being four years old still has over seven thousand people playing it, but Medieval II: Total War is perhaps even more impressive, given that the title is over a decade old and has over three thousand people playing it. Total War games are popular, who knew?

Besides this announcement of an impending announcement, the interview weaves around the to be announced title in the Total War Saga, which is essentially a series of games like Total War: Fall of the Samurai – games that are focused on a specific moment or series of events rather than centuries of history.

The interview also briefly mentions the new historical Total War title, stating that the title is coming along swimmingly, with their motion capture studio being particularly active, as well as noting their satisfaction “after having researched historical city-layouts for months [and having] it all come together in the game.” Janos, the Project Director for the Historical Total War title, states that they have become more “ambitious” when it comes to motion capture and that they hope their fans will be “impressed” when they see the fruit of their efforts in-game.

Quick Take:

While the new expansion is probably for Rome II, I cannot help but imagine a scenario where the original Rome receives a new expansion despite the existence of its successor. One can dream at least, right?

What do you think of this news? Which older Total War title should receive a new expansion? Let us know in the comments!

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