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Alexis Kennedy, the co-founder of the indie studio Failbetter Games, is officially joining the BioWare team.

Kennedy is not only the founder of Failbetter Games, but also a games writer, known for his work on the popular indie RPG Sunless Sea, and the free Browser, iOS and Android title Fallen London. Kennedy has also collaborated with BioWare before, with the visual game Dragon Age: The Last Court. The Last Court is a small resource management game released for the Dragon Age Keep, and completing it for fans would unlock war table missions in the main game. 

According to Eurogamer, Kennedy noted that he will be starting with BioWare in January for at least six months or more on the team as a writer. “Writers are treated well at BioWare,” stated Kennedy, “But they’re working within a clear structure – that they’re samurai, not daimyo. I’ve been saying I’m a writing ronin, so I guess I’ll get to sleep in their castle and eat their rice and fight their battles for a bit before I disappear into the howling fog once more.”

Kennedy is also excited to work with BioWare because of their experience in creating role-playing games. “They have twenty years of accumulated lessons about making RPGs through the good times and the bad,” he stated. “So I’m keen to listen more than I talk. Honestly that, more than the production values, is the most exciting thing for me here, although obviously the thought of hearing actual words I’ve written in an actual BioWare game is bewildering.”

It is currently unknown what game Kennedy will be working on, although it appears that it is likely to be something in the Dragon Age universe given his work there. Also, he’s said that he is working with Mike Laidlaw and Patrick Weekes – the man behind Dragon Age and the new lead writer for the franchise respectively. BioWare only has one announced project at this time- Mass Effect: Andromeda. BioWare has also hinted at a new Dragon Age title and is still concealing a second, as of yet unannounced new IP, from the public. 

What do you think of this news? is Kennedy a good fit for BioWare? Leave your comments below.

Robert Grosso

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  • RandomDev

    His career is done, bioware is a toxic place now.

  • Laytonaster

    Shameful waste a good talent.
    Here lies Kennedy’s career. No hard feelings; you just made the wrong choice (even by Bioware’s standards).

  • SureManThanks

    He chose…. poorly.

  • Yosharian

    I hear that the success to making a good Bioware game is making something awesome happen whenever you press a button? I’m no expert, but Kennedy should probably consider that

    Oh and palette-swapped identical endings are all the rage too

  • Donwel

    So after literal years of Manveer “white tears” Heir bitching about white dudes, Bioware goes and hires….. a white dude.
    You just can’t make this shit up.

  • DukeMagus

    Mixed feelings on that one.

    In one hand, Alexis is a stellar writer and i’m happy to see him advance.

    On the other, he’ll be missed at Failbetter games AND Bioware has a reputation of having its writers going downhill during or after they stay art the company

  • Robert Grosso

    Because the prejudiced opinions of one gameplay designer in no position of authoriy working on the game is what the company is all about right?

  • Stuart Burns

    I’m not sure people understand how the industry work. He’ll go write for Bioware and do just fine. He’s already “in”. The hard part is over.

    I personally liked the writing of Fallen London and Sunless Sea, so I wish nothing but the best for the guy.

    Oh, and Inquisition was certainly better than Dragon Age 2 at the very least.