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The extremely popular sequel to the Agarest series Agarest: Generations of War 2 has finally made its way to Steam with full mouse and keyboard functionality, but some fans will be disappointed to hear that the sequel has been censored by its publisher Ghostlight apparently in accordance with some countries laws. However, this was never mentioned on the Steam page, only on Ghostlight’s blog dated January 15th linked above.

The story based Japanese RPG which was previously released on the PS3, was uncensored in both the North American and Japanese regions but was only available as the censored version in the EU. The censorship surrounds the character Fiona, who is often depicted as a 12 year old girl. 4 images and a Mini-game featuring the younger version of Fiona, for example at a bath house, have been removed from the Steam release and makes this version equal to the EU game.

Below we have shown some examples of which images are allowed and which have been censored. Images of other characters at the bathhouse and other images of Fiona are allowed like these:

agarest 2 character

Aina, 3rd massage


fiona agarest 2

Fiona “Sealed”


But images like the one below have been banned:

fiona bathhouse agarest 2

Censored Fiona image


On the topic of censorship Ghostlight had this to say about the decision:

“In other news I know many of you have been asking us whether the PC version will be based on the EU or North American version of Agarest 2. I can now report that the PC version of Agarest 2 will be based on the European version of this title.  This does mean that the game will not include a small number of CG images and minigames that feature the first generation version of Fiona.  I realise that many of you will be disappointed by this news but it is the version of the game that is compliant with local laws in many of the countries we deal with.  Put simply, while this was not a decision that we’ve taken lightly, the alternative to Ghostlight releasing the EU version of this title was to not release the game on Steam at all.”

Opinion is split on forums about the decision. While many are disappointed that they will not be receiving the full version of the game, others claim their experience will not be diminished too greatly by the removal of such a small amount of content. In the mini-game in question you massage the girls, including the breasts, to gain “ecstasy time.” As Fiona is explicitly described as a child PEGI, Pan European Game Information, stated that the publishers should remove the inclusion of the labeling of Fiona as a child to avoid links to pedophilia.  However, Ghostlight decided to remove the child character from the mini-game completely instead.

agarest 2 fiona

Fiona, Character profile image


Inclusion of images of undressed young boys and girls are common place in many Japanese mangas and animes, particularly self published titles and are often a lot more controversial than the images banned here. While Japan passed a bill to ban child pornography last year, drawn images are still very much legal. While Agarest: Generations of War 2 does not show the young Fiona in a sexualised manner it does suggest this in the story. It is a cultural difference between Japan and the West with regards to attitudes towards the depiction of naked children, particularly in images of places like bath houses where children and adults often bathe communally in Japanese society.

TechRaptor has reached out to Ghostlight Publishing but has not received a response at this time.

What do you think of the censorship of this title?

Georgina Young


British girl, currently in Japan. Surviving on a diet of retro games. Worshiping the god that is the Sega Megadrive. I like Nintendo.

  • Felipe Doege

    Does it have any actual strategic battles, or is it just more of a visual novel?

  • Why not just release a patch like hunniepop?

  • Still have to finish the first two. Still it’s disappointing as I’m having fun with Agarest.

  • Darklurkr23

    All they gotta do is change the 12 to 18 and they’re gold. XD Ya done goofed Japan

  • Ben Jeanotte

    Baaah, this game is a remake, but doesn’t bother informing you that in any way! It’s really just record of Agarest War 2, and all the name changing is really confusing when yer just thinking like “Oh boy should I buy this game? It’s a new Agarest Game yaay” but then you find out you already beat it years ago, blaaarghghghghghgghgh.

  • DynastyStar

    I haven’t played much of Agarest Zero(only one I have), but no, its not “just more of a visual novels”, I wouldn’t put it high up on my list of SRPGs that I’ve played as the battles felt really slow to me though. Recommended you look up some reviews as, they’re not for everybody.

  • Ben Jeanotte

    This last game probably has the worst battle system out of the three, but I do recommend the other 2 games. This one has a very wonky and poorly explained turn-based combat system with positional elements and an extremely confusing combo system. Storywise, it’s also really really bad, as it continues from the first game, kinda? Same characters that you start with in the other game, buuuut most those characters died and their children continued the story by the end of that previous title. I don’t know, it doesn’t really make a lick of sense to meeeeee.

  • Christian Prell

    It doesn’t inform you? You mean aside from the fact that it has the exact same name as the original version?

  • Nytezero

    NISA and Ghostlight, censorship partners in crime.

  • Narmy

    Well to be fair, the game has a different name in NA (Record of Agarest War) than it does in EU (Agarest: Generations of War). Ghostlight uses the EU name, which can be confusing for people who are familiar with the NA version.

  • Christian Prell

    Yeah i guess that’s true

  • DukeMagus

    Lolis aren’t child pornography… Japan is a twisted country in some regards, but their children molesting (and rape in genral) rates are among the lowest in the world. Ghostlight could’ve come clean on that one saying the girls was 18.worked for team Ninja and marie rose

  • Domhnall

    “To legally release this game, make some small text changes here and here for this minigame for this one region.”
    “Pft, nah, we’ll entirely remove images and parts of this minigame for all regions, even those where this isn’t required, thereby pissing off fans and ensuring that our niche game misses out on large parts of the censorship-hating niche audience. We’ll also refuse to release a patch allowing those fans in countries unaffected by this rule to experience the entire game as designed, ensuring that they never buy the game.”

    The brilliance of some of these localization companies astounds me.

  • Derp Minos

    The terrible part is none of the others sites who mentioned the game’s release ever mention the game being censored. They are pretty much trying their best to hide it. You won’t know unless you visit the steam forums.

  • Arbitrary

    “Others claim their experience will not be diminished too greatly by the removal of such a small amount of content.”


    If this is someone’s stance on the issue, they haven’t understood shit.

  • Arbitrary

    Still censorship. No difference.

  • Ben Jeanotte

    The original was called Record Of Agarest War, 1 and 0 and 2. This is called Agarest Generations of War, they never let you know that this is the same game as Record of Agarest War 2, you have to do an internet search just to figure it out, and even then it’s confusing.

  • Christian Prell

    even then it’s confusing? Not really, Wikipedia is just one click away and it clearly tells you for EVERY game of this series that this is the name of the games in Europe. Given that Ghostlight is a british publisher it’s pretty clear why they would be using that name for press releases

  • Ben Jeanotte

    Wikipedia is the ONLY place it tells you specifically. Not the developer, not the steam page, not the product info pages, not the game’s home page. So it seems slightly deceptive at worst and yes, confusing at best.

    Why release the game in the US under one name, then wait a couple years and then release the same game again with a different name? I’m glad you are so clever and on top of everything, but I found it very confusing. I ended up getting both Generations of war 0 and 2, not realizing they were the same games I already beat. Usually you don’t have to do a wikipedia search to figure these things out!

  • Christian Prell

    Well it’s not like Ghostlight just now introduced the alternate name, it’s been like that from the start, we had this name here in Europe years ago already. So it’s not a new change for the PC port. I agree it’s not ideal to release a series under a different name in other regions, but i don’t really expect publishers to add all alternate titles the games may have been released under in other regions of the world as well either.

  • KlimSinep

    im led here cause not they say that only a couple were removed but damn! they removed the HOT SPRING CG!!!! FFS! man that was the ultimate blow! really i could care less for the loli fiona, but man the hot spring….the hot spring….literally made me shed tears…..

  • mikoxy

    Meanwhile in Witcher 3 you can have sex with girls and its in full 3d and uncensored, gg life.

  • Regulus Blue

    I still can’t figure out why they decide to translate games which contains “illegal” content to some regions, instead of translating others(and better) J-RPG games. So much waste of time. They translate a game and still have the effort of making a full game INCOMPLETE, so to bring to us. Ridiculous.

  • Ulrich Mejia

    Uh, hello, everyone. This is my first time commenting on this site, but I have been looking for information on Agarest 2’s censoring. Is it true that this is basically the same as the previous one ? Same characters and story ? Or, is there extra content, and a new story/characters ?

    I bought Agarest 2 before realizing it was actually censored in some ways, which really frustrated me since I have only looked into the Steam forums the day after purchasing the game. By any chance, is there another English version of this game somewhere else ? Or, is this the one and only version of this game ? Is this game even worth playing ?

    I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you.