Posted on The Fine Young Capitalists website this morning, Afterlife Empire‘s launch will be delayed for a period of time. The reason for this regards the reports of game-breaking bugs that have been seen on the PC version of the game, and the majority of the developers using Macs. Danielle Maiorino and Lola Barreto indicated that, “We want to provide the best game possible, so we’re going to be delaying the launch a bit so that we can do so.” They are using information that they are gathering from backers of the game, who have early access keys, and indicated that they are getting a lot of support from the community. No time table has been released regarding when the game is expected to release as of this information, but as soon as we here about it, we will update accordingly.

Bugs: Sometimes the scariest thing of all time (at least from a programmer side)

Bugs: Sometimes the scariest thing of all time (at least from a programmer side)

For anyone with an early copy of the game and having experienced issues, The Fine Young Capitalists hopes that you can email them at [email protected] with reports about the crashes or bugs that have been experienced, so they can fix them as quickly as possible. The Fine Young Capitalists is thanking those involved with the project for their patience and understanding, and that they’ll be announcing more detail about the new release date soon. Vivian James will still be making her way to Steam in one way or another, it’ll just take a little bit more time to get there.

Quick Take

I have the assignment of Afterlife Empire, and I believe this is a good thing for the game. My experience has shown a good core game that’s riddled with technical issues and missing features, along with a severe amount of crashes in certain game elements. While a delay is never fun, I think for the overall quality of the game, this makes a lot of sense and should help with the issues in question. I wish TFYC luck, and will be passing along my analysis of the bugs I experienced.

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