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The new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD seemingly has a bunch of new features that makes it a little bit more then an HD reskin. First reported by Eurogamer and seen on the Amazon France page, There’s a new Hero Mode for example. In addition,  the game will have will have an additional dungeon added to the games library, as the Twilight Cave will be available for Zelda fans to enjoy. There’s just one catch: in order to unlock the new dungeon, you’ll need a Wolf Link Amiibo in order to do it. The information regarding the additional features have been removed at this time, but were caught and archived thanks to some people over at the Nintendo Insider and Neogaf.

Amiibo's unlocking content in game isn't new....but unlocking an actual level may leave fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

Amiibo’s unlocking content in game isn’t new….but unlocking an actual level may leave fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

All Legend of Zelda amiibos are claimed on the page to have an in-game effect. The amiibo’s unlocks range from the ability to replenish the player’s life, to getting arrows for your bows. There’s not a lot of detail regarding the new Hero Mode or the new dungeon, so it is uncertain whether or not the addition is significant at this time.  Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be sold in both a packed set with amiibo in question, along with the ability to purchase separately. The game will have a graphical upgrade, as well as improved inventory management using the Wii U touchscreen.

Quick Take

Considering the price of 49.99 EUR and the cost of the game and the amiibo is 59.99 EUR, all I have to say is the dungeon in question be pretty significant in order to justify this. Even with that said, I am not a fan of unlocking real in-game content like new dungeons via the toy DLC, and really hope that Nintendo changes their mind on this one. It’s another step towards the further cutting up of content for purchase, something that needs to stop in my opinion. It also doesn’t help that there’s always a scarcity issue regarding Amiibos to deal with, and Nintendo better be darn sure they have the appropriate stock here. While I love the amiibo’s look, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

What are your thoughts? Does this change your outlook of picking up the HD version of a game with an actual interesting side character as opposed to Skyward Sword’s Fi? Do you think I’m still bitter about Skyward Sword? Leave your comments below!

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  • MusouTensei

    Screw that bonus dungeon then.

  • froyton

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal in theory*… Games add levels via DLC all the time. In this case, you get a level in addition to a collectible toy if you’re into that kind of thing. If you’re not into that thing… then yeah, depending on how expensive the amiibo is, it’s probably not worth it if you just want the dungeon. Hopefully they make it available as actual DLC at some point.

    *I said “in theory” because the amiibo will probably be very difficult to obtain and that would make the whole affair shitty.

  • BurntToShreds

    Tying costumes and other cosmetic items to Amiibo is one thing. Substantial content like levels and dungeons as DLC tied to the physical scarcity of Amiibo is another, blatantly anti-consumer thing. Don’t forget that Splatoon had challenge levels locked behind its Amiibos before this.

  • Cazamus

    I actually like the Idea of DLC finally having a hard copy for games, and if its through an Amiibo, all the better. My problem is, the $60 dollar price. Everyone buys DLC, fuck half of EA is the DLC withholding department, but to kinda of ease that feeling of “I bought a game for 50, and now they are going to nickel and dime me the rest of the way” if Nintendo made a statement that all of their future DLC packs will only be released through an Amiibo, I think it might cut down significantly on the DLC bullshit. I dunno, I like figures, and I like video games, and expansion packs to a point are ok with me; If Nintendo can lead the way to giving us consumers a sense of market control once again over the DLC BS, as an Amiibo costs them money to get into stores (creation, distribution, ect…) It might make the market finally stop flooding BS DLC.

  • braneman

    WHEEE now they’re actually locking gameplay behind Amiibos, isn’t that great eh? How much you want to bet they will release a total of three wolf link amiibos to north america and two of those will go directly to scalpers?
    IN THEORY this dlc should only cost 60$ but we all know that amiibo isn’t going to for anything less than 100$ and that’s assuming the scalpers have a soul.
    So NO fuck you Nintendo you’re starting to become evil.

  • braneman

    You clearly don’t live anywhere where people scalp nintendo products do you? I mean seriously think about it for a second, there isn’t a single Amiibo that’s less than 12$ new some of the seriously “collectable” ones even go for 50$.

    Are you seriously telling me that you’re willing to pay that much for a piece of DLC? I mean seriously try to get a hold of a north American Rosalina Amiibo for anything resembling normal price, you can’t. Are you telling me that this is better because scalpers could raise the price of DLC three times normal price because its rare? So that Gamestop could pull a Xenoblade Chronicles and reprint “Used amiibos” for absurd prices?

    Also how is the DLC going to be distributed, adding storage to the amiibo would bring the cost up, if you have to download it then there isn’t a point of stapling it to the amiibo so what we’re left with is on disc DLC and that’s pretty well received because its generally content that’s been specifically cut out of the game to be sold back to you.

  • I just bought 3 amiibos for 10$ a piece…

  • Galbador

    Really? This bothers you all? Skylanders did this the whole time since part one and no one said a word, yet Nintendo comes here and all of a sudden, it is the end of the world? To be honest, those dungeons are only addons and not part of the main story, so nothing you could miss. In the worst case, you won’t get the super-duper-weapon, that gives you a better boost against Ganon so that you can finish the game easier. If this bothers you, there are two options:

    One; just buy the game and later the amiibo for less than a buck.
    Two; don’t buy the game. It is just a HD remake after all. Nothing you will miss if you played TP already.

  • Clairity

    “Nothing you will miss if you played TP already.” Except, you know, an entire dungeon – a core part of the series which, traditionally, has not been tied to physical scarcity (not beyond “you have the game or you don’t”, at least).

    Also, I don’t know anything about Skylanders other than that the entire concept of it is “you collect toys to use in the games”. Unless I’m missing something major, I doubt it’s as bad as locking a dungeon in a Zelda game behind physically scare amiibo.

  • braneman

    So you bought north american Rosalina, Lucario and Palutena amiibos for 10$ each? where the heck are your sourcing them from?

  • Rosalina, Lucario are available on ebay for 16.88 a piece, and Palutena is available for 24.61, unless you’re willing to accept one from japan which then it’s 16.80. Amiibo are not region locked.

    I got north american shulk, samus, and zero suit samus for 10$ a piece from amazon.

  • Robert Grosso

    Probably because no one played Skylanders in the end.

    In truth this is really something insignificant.

  • Jim

    Skylanders went unnoticed because it’s not a part of a legendary franchise. Few people noticed shit about it and the ones that do are the older fans who really care about the franchise.

  • This is exactly what I was hoping Nintendo wouldn’t do with Amiibos. Goddamnit.

  • Cazamus

    Well first, when I said Nintendo games, I should have stated that better, I mean Nintendo specific games (Zelda, Mario, Kirby ect…) Would force Nintendo to produce more if they wanted to sell more DLC, it would be a loss for them to spend the money to make a DLC, and then make a limited edition run for a game.
    Second, most DLC packs run up to (once you put them all together) around 10-15 dollars. This would make clearly defined releases of DLC, and force them to consolidate. I am not saying it would always work out that way, but I still Nintendo to not screw over its flagship products because they are the only reason people buy their consoles.
    So, your argument of it being based on scalpers, only works on small releases (again DLC costs more and there would never be a reason to limit DLC packs as a promotion, unlike Amiibo releases right now) which a market flooded means that it is cost inefficant for scalpers.
    As for the DLC distribution itself, I am not saying they need to be modified in any way to store the DLC, I am saying that they can be, easily, used as 1 time codes along side their normal day to day Amiibo use, like any DLC code.
    Finally the point of it, is that like I stated earlier, is that it limits nickel and dime DLC because Nintendo (again, I mean specifically the Nintendo franchise games) realize that to protect their credibility, would have to release full DLC packs, if they have an attached product to it, not just a new map for .99 cents. As for saying that its stuff clearly cut out of games, most companies I can agree with you on that (I won’t purchase another Bioware/EA game again because of that garbage) but Nintendo has yet to sell me a game where I later purchased an expansion in it, and said “Oh those greedy asses, it is clear Nintendo cut this content out to screw me out of yet another dollar”. They don’t because like I said earlier, each Nintendo game is a mark for their credibility as a company and console maker, they can’t afford the hatred other companies have garnered for those practices.
    I am not saying it is a perfect plan, but DLC used to just be called expansion packs, and you would practically get a whole new game for half the price, of a game you already love (why else buy the expansion) a linked Amiibo system would make it more understandable for parents why their kids want THAT specific Amiibo, and they don’t feel like they are paying 12-20 dollars to get a new skin for their kid in a game. Its the same DLC, just forced to be in packs, but in a fun new way to present it. Last year I got my wife’s friend’s kid Earthbound on the Wii U store. It sucked, not the game (which is fantastic) but the act of giving him the gift. I just handed him a printed card, there was no anticipation, there was no enjoyment before the game, just a card with a code and “hope you like it”. I guess I am proposing making DLC, not just a series of numbers, and Amiibos more than just a singular cool feature.

  • braneman

    OK first of all Amiibos being used as one time DLC codes is incredibly dumb either they would have to raise the cost to make up for not selling that DLC normally or they would be discouraged from selling that DLC by having their profit margin eaten into by manufacturing the toy.

    Second Amiibos can be accessed from inside the package so there is nothing stopping people from picking it up form wal mart modifying the box in a way that’s impossible to tell from first glance then tapping it onto their wii u and returning it for somebody else to have a really bad day despite buying a sealed product.(Or just selling it on ebay for 25% more)

    Third that copy of Earthbound literally only cost you 10$ if it was attached in any way to an Amiibo it would have to cost more than that unless they brought down the cost of an Amiibo even more. Because AGAIN Nintendo needs to make money off it. If you’re willing to pay 20$ for an Amiibo that’s on you but for me personally that would suck. Because I would actually have to pay for shipping on something that’s normally distributed instantly.

    So lemme sum up, Its adding value to collectibles with a history of nasty scalping in the US, that are easy to use without making it obvious you’ve opened up the package, that are markedly less convenient than normal DLC, that would require physical shipping on something that’s either already on the disk or normally distributed digitally. To justify the purchase of an amiibo?

    The entire reason I was fine with Amiibos up until this point was because they didn’t really have a massive point ingame so they were only valuable to collectors and people with more disposable income than me. Using a horrible physical form of DLC to force people to buy them over more practical content delivery methods is downright evil.

    Also we run into the exact same problem you’re talking about with it turning Nintendo into greedy asses simply because of the distribution system. because AGAIN either it will have to be already on disc and by its very definition cut out from the main game, OR it’ll have to be downloaded afterwards and it makes a lot less sense than simply emailing you a code from the E-shop.

    Just because you want Amiibos to have a point for kids doesn’t mean you should screw over the rest of Nintendo fans into buying them. And if you want Amiibos to have a point you could always hop on over to any of the other games where they do have a point like Disney Infinity or Skylanders.

  • braneman

    So basically your entire point is because international shipping exists its fine since we’re only paying 4$ more for something?

    I know I’m obviously not in the market for collectibles but personally I think that’s a disgusting state of affairs.

  • I never said things are fine. They’re just not at the 50$ scalper prices you find on amazon

  • Why do you even want the dlc?

  • Galbador

    “Went unnoticed”!? You are aware that those games were sold for more than 1 Billion Dollar and 100 Million ALONE for the toy DLCs? That is something I wouldn’t call unnoticed.

    Nintendo was asked if they allow Toys for Bob to make the game with their characters (which ended later as Skylanders) but Nintendo declined. Now they try to do what TfB did with Activision and again, the extra levels, just like in Skylanders, are extra and nothing necessary for the story itself, so clam your fears that you would miss something. It is bonus contant for some extra bucks, nothing else.

  • Galbador

    Yeah, that is why 1 BÌLLION Dollar was grossed by the Skylander franchize… no one played the game. Activision made a big flop with it… don’t talk big if you can’t counter the argument.

  • Galbador

    The dungeon is an extra, nothing else. It is not necessary for the story. A bonus for the fans who wanted more for some bucks. It won’t expand the story, it will just give you some extra hours to play, nothing else.

    But I have to disagree with you at one point; each part of Skylanders gives you enough to finish the game. Sure, you need characters from other elements to finish 100%, but it is not necessary to finish the game. If you are a completionist, then it will be expensive and there is no way to avoid it. But if you want to finish the core game, all you need is in the starter pack.

  • Robert Grosso

    You are telling me something I already know, Galbador.

  • Galbador

    Only correcting you on your comment, nothing else.

  • Galbador

    Well, we know that Amiibos have several features, so saying that it will be a gimmick to unlock only one specific DLC is wrong, as we could see with the now existing Amiibos and the latest Wii U games. To say the truth, if an Amiibo would come with a full game on it like Earthbound, that would be cool, because then, you would have something to collect and a game. But I understand your point that Amiibos could be rare to get. For that, a solution like a buyable version via the shop would be nice to see for those, who can only get the Amiibo-less version of said games. Hey, maybe this will come… or those card Nintendo talked long time ago.

    To be honest, I think that Nintendo never thought or believed that Amiibos would be such a success and craze as it actually is, which is why they made so less of it. But hey, maybe there are more to come, so don’t worry. Besides, if you ask people around the internet like this place, I’m sure that they will help you out since Amiibos are region free 😉

  • Galbador

    To support the company who creates the games with secondary money. I know that DLC is not always a good thing, but in certain ways, it can be acceptable. This dungeon in TP, for example, is just an extra to expand the game just like the costumes, which can be unlocked via the Amiibos in Mario Maker, if you are too lazy to get them via playing. But what is not acceptable, is context, that involves the story. This is a no-go for me and DLC. Addons are one thing, but to buy a DLC to get the true ending like in one of Capcom’s games (too lazy to look the name), is just outright asinine.

  • Robert Grosso

    My comment was mostly sarcasm in the long run.

    Cabelas is another major seller for Activision, moving close to 1.4 million units a year. No one talks about it.

    Id say that shows either priorities, or just blinders to the actual gaming market sometimes. Skylanders is another example of that.

  • Galbador

    I’m pretty sure that if you ask people on the internet, that there will be people, who would love to help those out, who can’t get those Amiibos, after all, those are region free.

  • Galbador

    Oh, I had no idea that you meant it in a sarcasm way. I’m not good in recognizing that.

  • Robert Grosso

    I should add more smiley faces next time, make it more visible, haha.

  • Galbador

    Hehe, nah it’s cool 😉

  • Jim

    To CHILDREN. Skylanders and Disney Infinity are not really known to be made for the older crowd. It’s made to scam money out of children using collectible figurines and an okay video game tie in.

  • Galbador

    People and their scam card nowadays… There are people, who LIKE the game and the toy as collectables, which makes this kind of DLC acceptable and let us not forget, that you DON’t need to buy all of them to clear the core story. The other characters are ADDITIONAL and not necessary. So spare us this “This is scam” bullshit, because it is not present in this case. If parents are that soft to give in to the demand of their kids, that is their problem, not Activision, Toys for Bob or anyone else. But in the end, Skylanders is still populare, whether you like it or not and your comment false.

  • Jim

    It’s a scam to put DLC into a piece of $10-$20 easily scalped physical media and it’s not what I want for content that could easily be a $5 activation code. I don’t give a goddamn fuck about the figures, I just want the fucking DLC without this “collectible” bullshit in the way. Even a cursory glance at Amiibo articles shows that there’s constant shortages, price hikes online from scalpers, and content that’s locked in something that you have to dig out every time you want to play with the DLC. I know Nintendo is playing catch up with SkylandersInfinity and this retardness needs to stop creeping into games. Not all of us are even remotely interested in paying for useless wall stuffers.

    They at least had the bright idea of using cards instead of those plastic bobbles to get around the shortages.

  • Galbador

    Does anyone puts a gun to your head and says BUY IT NOW? As I said, those are extras, which are not necessary for the core story of the game. Addons, as we called them back in the days. You make a big deal out of it, jus because they are on the disc, but the problem is, you can’t make it differently, because the game needs the data to cooperate with the toys. It may be “bullshit” for you, but then again, no one forces you to buy them. But, no matter what I say, I will not change your point of view about this nor will I try to do so. Face it, people like the toys and whether or not they use them for the game, they collect them for what they are; collectable objects.

    Like Run-D.M.C. once said :”It’s like that and that’s the way it is”.

  • Jim

    If it was a stupid gimmick like alternate skins, I wouldn’t have said anything, but this is actual gameplay behind the paywall of a physical object. Do you even get that? These “addons” are not by itself like a floppy disk that just contains the expanded content, but it’s stuck behind that “collectible” bullshit you’re forced to purchase instead of getting the expanded content by itself, driving up the price of the DLC substantially. Fuck this stupid ass fad.

  • Galbador

    Uhhh… this is a waste of time.

  • Cazamus

    Your assertion is stupid. It is stupid because you believe that
    Nintendo solely profits off of the individual game itself, and DLC itself, and that other factors of profit for Nintendo do not come into play. Before DLC was called DLC, it was called expansion packs, and video game companies knew that you could only sell as many of the expansions as there where copies of the game. With even the simplest extrapolation of mined data from sales and metadata, there is an easy estimate of DLC from their users to not overproduce, or under produce an expansion pack, so there is no fear of it cutting into their profits. The second claim of your first assertion is removing the idea that the Amiibos do not sell as a toy, when earlier you whined about scalpers and collectors driving the price. So either people are overbuying them, based off of your first argument, or they are overfilling the stores and can’t push them off the shelves. Considering that it would be an appealing market to Toy collectors AND people that would want the DLC, there is no fear of loss for Nintendo. Will get more into that later.

    2nd point: Well your right, nothing stopping people from… oh wait yeah you can just modify the packaging slightly, have a one-time rub off cover, have a system in place to make claims for tech support to remove the expansion code from whoever else has the Amiibo expansion linked to their system, ect… that isn’t even close to an issue. It’s not like bitcoin, you don’t just use the expansion and its lost in a sea of other data unable to ever be found who claimed it. Hell the Wii U has a built in camera, kid makes a claim to tech support that they have the original figure, and take a timestamp picture next to some identifier and Amiibo, and that kinda proves who is the current owner.

    3rd point: Earthbound cost Nintendo NOTHING to sell
    me. It is nearing 20, and it’s just a port of a game. So with older games that Nintendo wants to sell to newer generations, an Amiibo is great introduction to that system. You keep going on about manufacturer costs, I really don’t think you realize the amount of markup that Nintendo is doing. It’s a fixed plastic
    figure, highly detailed, which is surprisingly inexpensive to manufacture and distribute (China, yay), end cost at most is roughly 3 dollars on average. So 3 dollars to sell me a 10 dollar toy, that if I love, or my kid loves, will put me into their market to purchase more Nintendo related items in the future.
    Amiibos have already been confirmed to raise the expected sales of games because people now want to play with their kids as specific characters, and Nintendo loves trying new ways to get more customers to purchase old games that you can easily pirate. So it won’t increase the price on an item that was given an arbitrary number to sell, and in fact ONLY raises the potential for people to purchase more of a game. And actually, because of the 3-dollar price, that goes back to your first point, it won’t dip into their profit margin because they have a new market to sell to, and give people who previously own the games a reason to repurchase them.

    4th point, is accurate, It is adding value, to collectables, can’t
    argue there. But you miss the point, Nintendo is a video game company, in a digital age, and right now they are facing some harsh realities. The Wii, was and is easily soft moddable to allow people to just pirate games and add them directly to a hard drive. In fact, there are a variety of tutorials on how to soft mod a Wii so that it could even play old systems, with ease. The Wii U seems to be going closer and closer to that stage, and effectively ruins their profits. Giving a person a reason to purchase a game other than a stupid easily scratch able CD, or a DLC code that you just put onto a system, isn’t a battle Nintendo can fair well in. If Nintendo went the Amiibo route sure the convenience is
    gone, but it still would be the smartest move for Nintendo to stop just having a DLC store like: Steam, Xbox Store, Playstation Network, GOG, Humble, Orgin, U-Play, Bundlestars, and many others. They have a chance to separate from the pack through Amiibos. I am not saying they would lose their store outright, but
    at the end of the day Nintendo can distinguish themselves from everyone else by having something other than CD or code. As for scalpers, like I said earlier, they know how many expansions to sell based on how many of the core game have sold.

    5th point: So you don’t care about Amiibos, you just want business to continue as usual. You only care when they might raise the price of your games, but like I stated in the beginning, they did this method of DLC for years, it was called expansion packs, and guess what, still made a profit. I guess you didn’t play in the days where we all went to the store to get an expansion on a game, but it didn’t kill companies. Won’t raise the price, and its marketing onto its own, you just somehow believe that 10 bucks
    is what they HAVE to make off of a game to scrape by. It’s not downright evil, downright evil is games that are only 75% sold, and then given day 1 DLC. It’s evil companies that actually stopped giving us physical items.

    6th point: Nintendo isn’t EA, Activision, or Ubisoft. Your assertion is that they will pick up that model the moment they can. Nintendo has, and will continue to thrive by NOT being an evil greedy corporation. EA ect.. all have a cannibal market demographic right now, there are more people trying their stuff despite their bullshit money grabs, then there are leaving. Nintendo’s market demographic is selling to people who have nostalgia for the good old days, and kids. You make it sound like going to the store
    stops all gameplay. Do you have to walk 20 miles uphill’s both ways? I think a lot more people would like to see something physical from all of the digital purchases they make, and Nintendo is the only company poised to give that.

    7th point: Not screwing over the other fans. As I have given line by line why your argument sucks, I am asking Nintendo to give
    something physical back. You on the other hand are like a panicky teenager thinking the world is going to end and they will instantly turn into the companies I listed above given the chance.

    My sum up: Amiibos as expansion packs/old games gives a them a fresh way to market in a DLC store riddled world. You fear that they will have to now charge some massive number, but fail to realize that they have lived through the cartridge age where it cost them a great deal to distribute this way. At the end of the day, they don’t just make money off of the initial sale of a game. There are toys, books, movies, and other great things that Nintendo accounts for when they make a game. The Amiibo collectors proved that people love their product, not just as a part of a game but as a collectable as well. You don’t value that sorta thing, but many people do, and the numbers are there to prove it. Has Nintendo started bait and switching Amiibos? Did they do an initial run of one, at 10 bucks, then charge 20 bucks the second run? They haven’t, and won’t. And a fear that they won’t have enough for big release DLC is ridiculous (especially in a pre-order era) and as for older game Amiibo purchases, Nintendo has reprinted Amiibos so everyone can get the one they wanted. If this was a different company my argument would probably be inaccurate, but it’s the company that knows how to keep its customers, Nintendo. 20 years and other than them hating Earthbound fans, they have never disappointed me in their business practices.

  • RocKM001 .

    Here’s the thing though… is this a problem because it’s gated? or is
    it a problem because the price of the method of unlock is artificially
    inflated due to scarcity of the Amiibo?

    I’m just curious on what’s actually the bigger factor here for why folks would see this as a “bad” thing.

    to clear things out I’m on the “don’t care camp” living in Australia
    for some reason we’re on a unique position of actually having a very
    decent stock of Amiibos here so supply is not an issue.. and I don’t
    normally collect Amiibos anyway nor am I too fussed about missing out on
    an optional dungeon since I’ve done that a fair few times w/
    “traditional” RPG’s that have them via PSN and stuff

  • RocKM001 .

    Ummm… hate to break it to you but welcome to the world of collectibles?

    That’s always been how it works if you’re a collector of anything. Heck the few times I’ve had to ship NA games here in Aus because they were never released here or digital only for a collection is too much to count.

    On a side note I wonder how much the Aus Amiibos are selling for for you folks there at NA since we have a fairly abundant stock here for some odd reason…

  • RocKM001 .
  • Galbador

    Who do you mean with that?

  • RocKM001 .

    Not you… the person you were responding too.. just to clarify =P