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Inspired by the 3D platforming greats of old such as Banjo-Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon, Anton and Coolpecker has found life through the unlikeliest of sources – 8chan. Anton and Coolpecker stars the eponymous anteater and woodpecker duo on their quest to defeat the evil ant queen, with the help of their other animal friends across multiple levels such as Aztec Antics, Glimmer Glaciers, and even the ant hive itself.

Work has already begun on the project, with some voices and models of the characters already finalized. Additionally, a good chunk of the main characters voices have been finalized, all thanks to vocaroo links form multiple anons. Also being worked on is the camera controls and controller inputs, among other things. Webms have been posted showing some very basic movement animations, and a portion of the characters have received very early 3D models.

Anton and Coolpecker 1

Most interesting however is the game’s model for ideas. Multiple 8chan threads have been started over the past two weeks asking posters to help with concepts, voice acting, and more. Anons have responded positively, and the project has been getting loads of help across its many threads.

While Anton and Coolpecker is certainly showing promise, the development is wrapped in a lot of uncertainty at the moment. The team still needs to polish up mechanics before even thinking of diving into levels, and the harsh reality is that it’s unknown if this game will leave the planning process at all. However, with a dedicated team and support from the imageboard, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing Anton and Coolpecker in the future.

Anton and Coolpecker 2

You can track the progress of Anton and Coolpecker on one of the many threads on 8chan’s /v/, or their Google Doc

The author reached out to project head Infinity anon for an interview, but he declined at this date.

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  • moshk


  • Cy

    So will the evil ant queen be named “Antnita”?

  • Slants Draws

    guys, you were told to hold off until there was more content ready (since the game is only 1 week in)

  • DariusQ

    It was only a matter of time before someone made a game about Gamergate. I personally was contemplating a story about a female journalist who uncovers an Orwellian media plot to undermine society and take over the world. Then I realized I was plagiarizing Beyond Good & Evil. Funny how art imitates reality. =D

  • chaoguy

    Speaking as someone who’s been following the project, they’ve tried to keep the game separate from Gamergate matters. They’re focusing on a good game first, and preaching never.

  • Louis

    The game’s completely unrelated to Gamergate, believe it or not. Just a good old fashioned Rareware-esque collectathon.

    It’s also funny how you emphasize Beyond Good & Evil involves a media plot. Makes it sound like you acknowledge the media is the bad guy in GG.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen that suggestion several times and every time it came up it’s been instantly shot down.

  • Cerxi

    It has an ant hive. A gamergate is a species of ant. Illuminati confirmed.