Although it did not receive nearly as much hype as AMD’s recent announcement (it was a whole series after all), the general consensus in the building community is that the new soon to be released Nvida GPU has the potential to slay the Titan. Now, I understand that whenever we hear an inkling of information about a new video card, the term “Titan killer” is tossed around without a second thought, but leaked specs suggest that this time could be different. But who trusts leaked specs, right? Seemingly Nvidia does after confirming the validity of the leak at the end of last week:

780ti (GK110) specs:
GPU process: 28nm
GPU config: 2880:240:48
CUDA cores: 2880
Base clock: 876MHz
Boost clock: 928MHz
Effective Memory clock: 7000MHz
Bus type: PCI-E 3.0
Memory spec: 3GB GDDR5
Memory bus: 384 bit
Memory bandwidth: 336GB/s
Power connectors: 8 + 6 pin
Height: 124mm
Length: 281mm
Price: $699

Titan (GK110-400-A1) specs:
GPU process: 28nm
GPU config: 2688:224:48
CUDA cores: 2688
Base clock: 837MHz
Boost clock: 876MHZ
Effective Memory clock: 6008MHz
Bus type: PCI-E 3.0
Memory spec: 6GB GDDR5
Memory bus: 384 bit
Memory bandwidth: 288GB/s
Power connectors: 8 + 6 pin
Height: 203mm
Length: 304mm
Price: $999

As many of you will have already realized, the 780ti’s CUDA count not only exceeds the Titan’s count, but also the 780’s by 576 cores. This generally makes for a faster, and more pleasant software experience, especially in CUDA optimized programs. We can also see a higher clock and bandwidth in terms of memory, topping both the Titan and 780 by almost 1GHz effective clock and 48GB/s bandwidth, although this is not likely to make a huge difference in terms of visual performance. Lastly is the GPU’s core clock, a considerable difference can be seen here as the ti’s boost clock makes its way well into the 900MHz range. Note that a 780ti special edition has the potential to increase memory spec to 6GB GDDR5 (to match the titans’s) and core/boost clock while it’s at it.

These specs are all well and good, but specifically, what kind of performance can we expect whilst gaming? Well fortunately, the Chinese tech forum “Chiphell” can bring us just the info we’re looking for. Only yesterday leaked benchmarks were posted on the site, and they look very promising. Here is a quick overview of the ti’s performance in select programs:

Unigine valley 1.0:
1080p (4xaa): 115fps
4k (no aa): 30fps

Battlefield 3:
1080p (4xaa): 125fps
4k (no aa): 55fps

Bioshock Infinite:
1080p (DDOF): 130fps
4k (no DDOF): 50fps

With a surprisingly high performance in 4k, who’s to say that the ti couldn’t beat AMD’s “4k optimized” GPU the 290x? See here for more benchmarks

One of the most attractive aspects of this GPU however, is the price. We could see the titan being made completely irrelevant by its own designers, you can’t say no to superior performance at a $300 discount. We can also already assume that the ti will over perform the 290x, but only time will tell if we have a true chart topper on our hands.

The 780ti will be released on the 7th of November, stay tuned over the next few days for benchmarks and a review.

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