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As we reported earlier in the week, Maker Studios MCN (Multi Channel Network) has recently implemented some internal policies that have made life difficult for several of their content creator creators within the last few weeks.  But, it may have had some after-effects regarding creators within the network, as it seems that the Game Grumps, a channel with almost 3 million subscribers, have left the sub-network Polaris. This was confirmed by Brent, the manager of the Game Grumps, on a subreddit thread yesterday. It’s a big blow to one of the bigger MCNs out there, and now calls into question if more content creators will leave the company due to recent decisions made by them. 

While it’s directly unclear on exactly the reasons they left, it was first noticed by a couple of fans who saw that videos that were privatized by the new Maker policies started to come back and were viewable, implying that something happened behind the scenes. With other cases, the videos were fully removed when they were made public, like in the case of Yogscast Hannah. However that did not happen to the Grumps, and a “Confirmed” statement by Brent within the thread confirmed to the fans that they had left. 


The Game Grumps crew consisting (from left to right): Ross, Danny Sexbang, Barry, Arin (aka Egoraptor) and Suzy. Not pictured is editor Kevin and the newly added Ninja Brian. Well, he may be pictured. He’s a Ninja remember.

This may affect content produced by the Grumps as Table Flip, the tabletop portion of the Grumps that featured guests such as ProJared, Hot Pepper Gaming, and Jirard the Completionist, was funded by Polaris. 

The Game Grumps are consisting of a variety of members focusing on Let’s Plays and comedy, playing a wide variety of games such as Super Mario Sunshine and more recently Undertale. They are known for their playful banter, and some of the strongest reactions to difficult sections in games over the last several years. The crew originally started with just Egoraptor and JonTron, who left to produce his own content a couple of years ago. 

Do you think this is a sign of problems for Maker Studios to come? How big of a blow is it to lose the Grumps? Leave your feedback below!

Shaun Joy

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