Wargroove’s creative options are extremely robust. This strategy title by Chucklefish includes a map maker, a cutscene maker, and a campaign maker. That means that once you’re done making maps, you can put them in a fully-fledged story with cutscenes and more. The options are nearly limitless, with hundreds already available and shareable across all platforms. If you’re wondering which map you should try out, TechRaptor has you covered. These are six maps that you should check out and download if you own Wargroove.

And if you’re on the fence about Wargroove, check out our review be sure to (hint: it’s good!).

6. Skyrim – Civil War 1 v 1

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Where to even start?

Map Code: YUS2XTTL

This map is a prime example of the extraordinary creative capabilities Wargroove‘s map maker has. This is a recreation of the map of Skyrim, and as you could expect, it is extremely massive. The attention to detail is impressive here. I was able to pick out Skyrim‘s different cities such as Riften, nestled by the water of a lake, and Markarth in the middle of a large mountain range. But my favorite part has to be the smaller landmarks scattered throughout. I saw Nightcaller Temple outside of the gloomy town of Dawnstar. There’s even the ruined town of Helgen near the bottom. The author, Jessica, is truly dedicated.

This map has the Imperials and Stormcloaks going toe-to-toe. A fog of war is prevalent throughout this huge map. If you do plan on playing a game on it, know that it might take a long time. It takes place in the entire region, so that is to be expected. The author noted in the map’s description that it isn’t balanced for competitive play either, but I think the artistry here makes it a clear standout.

5. Quickly Island

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Things did not end well.

Map Code: SYD2E6YK

As I was browsing /r/CustomGroove, I came across this very small, symmetrical map created by user infidusandrew. It’s an extremely simple map, but it takes a lot of skill to win, especially against human AI. The sea and ports surrounding the island add in an extra element of strategy. Employing warships to bombard units onshore and harpoon ships is an important strategy to employ. Counteracting this with turtles and amphibian units creates a frantic sea battle.

Because the island is so small, positioning is key. You don’t want to give the opponent an edge, but you don’t want to let them get any extra funds from one of the few villages. When I played this, I suffered from being too hasty. Don’t let this map’s small size fool you. Still, it’s a blast to play.

4. Castle Wars

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Map Code: 67AZ5MMM

I love a good siege. One of my favorite aspects of Fire Emblem, my personal favorite strategy game series, are castle battles. The close quarters and life-or-death consequences of each move create chaotic fun. Castle Wars reminds me of this.

Castle Wars is a symmetrical, 1v1 map. There are two castles on each side divided by water. These castles are connected with bridges, which means the only way across are through these narrow corridors. Each castle is also protected by walls and destructible doors. Within this map, you have to pay attention to each bridge. It really requires you to think strategically. With both ports and towers too, this map really gives an “all out war” kind of feel.

3. Emmeryn

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I can’t… it’s too emotional.

Map Code: KXTU3H9E

Speaking of Fire Emblem, here’s a map that is an exact recreation of a level from that series. Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Awakening is one of the game’s most emotional and intense battles. I won’t delve into spoilers, but there’s a major event that happens here.

Like in Awakening, the Wargroove version is a recreation of the brutal battle to the castle. The keyword here is brutal. The enemy is armed with quite a few dragon units as well as a giant waiting for you at the castle gates. You’re armed with four barracks from the start, but with no towns to capture you have a very limited budget. If you want to play an iconic level from Awakening, this is a great way to do it. If you want a challenge, you’ll definitely find it here too.

2. Puppy Bowl LIII 1v1

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Behold, one of the greatest things to ever exist.

Map Code: ECXT55TX

It may be cheating to put this here as this is a campaign, but comprises just this singular map. And I really can’t pass up the opportunity to put this on the list. If you were unsatisfied with the results of the Super Bowl or just love dogs, I think I have just the thing for you.

Puppy Bowl LIII contains two teams of only dog units, with Caesar as the commander for both. The goal is simple: get Caesar over the line (which is supposed to be the endzone) to win. Another player is tasked with brutally taking out these dogs one-by-one with proper positioning and strategy, like a true NFL defensive coordinator.

There’s also a map versus just AI. The map creator balances this out by having preset damage on your units. Usually, it takes just one hit for the defense to take them out, so you have to be extra careful. To top it all off, there’s an audience of dogs watching, which is both adorable and super creative.

Also, thanks to flyers241 for posting this on /r/Wargroove!

1. Arathi Basin

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I just love it.

Map Code: TC3MF9QN

Arathi Basin is a timeless classic. For those who don’t know, Arathi Basin is a PVP battleground from vanilla World of Warcraft. There are five capturable locations in Arathi Basin, and a base which Alliance and Horde would spawn from at the start of the game.

That’s basically the gist of it with this map too. The sides are as fair as can be so that both teams have a fair advantage. There are limited resources available because of so few locations. In matches of Arathi Basin in World of Warcraft, the blacksmith, located in the middle, was a key location. It’s doubly so in this Wargroove map. It is the only barracks other than in a team’s base, so it is a highly-contested location.

It’s one of my favorite battlegrounds for World of Warcraft, and so it’s only fair to put this as my number one map you should check out. Reddit user rpabst42 did an excellent job in recreating it, with cosmetic capture flags at each location and even graves indicating graveyards found at all capture points.

What maps do you like from this list? Are there any other essential Wargroove maps people should try? Let us know in the comments below!

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