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Update: Thanks to TechRaptor Reader VonSanneck pointing it out, we noticed several other titles including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhatten had also been pulled and covered that in this related story.

While I’m sure most people are glad to be done with 2016, it seems we’re starting 2017 with bad news, as several games have been removed from digital market places and are no longer able to purchase.

Racing game got it the worst, likely due to car and song license. At the start of the year, three big Codemasters racing games were removed: Dirt 3, GRID, and F1 2013 were all taken off of Steam. If you own the games you can still download them and play them anytime you want, but if you didn’t buy them before then you no longer have the chance. It’s also worth noting that, while it wasn’t at the start of the year, Ubisoft’s Driver: San Fransisco was quietly removed from Steam back in December. No official reason has been given for any of the game’s removals, though PC Gamer did get an e-mail from GOG saying that GRID was removed for expiring licenses, so it doesn’t seem hard to reason that holds true for all the games.

The other group hit hard? Superheroes. Activision’s Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 have been pulled off of console marketplaces. Both games are still available to be purchased on Steam, but it’s unknown for how much longer. Similarly, there’s no word from Activision as to why, but the Sony published and Insomniac developed Spider-Man Ps4 is likely the reason, with licenses transferring. Additionally, with the film license being rebooted again, it is unlikely that any of the right holders want to keep the old version up on store shelves. Another game hit is Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106. In a blog post, developer Tin Man Games confirms that the licenses to use Judge Dredd had expired and that they could not get it renewed. The developers started the “#ByeDredd106” hashtag on Twitter to show off some scenes from the game before its takedown. Similar to before, if you own the games you can still download and play them, just if you haven’t bought it by now then you’ve lost your chance.

Finally, not related to either racing or superheroes, Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child was also taken off of Steam. The game was an adventure game, the third entry in the Dream Chronicles series and the only one to hit Steam. Notably, all five entries into the series appear to have been taken off of their other home, Big Fish Games. The reason for their removal is unknown.

Own any of the removed games? Wish you bought them? Upset at their removal? Let us know in the comments!

Samuel Guglielmo

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  • strelokcyka

    This games will still be available from 3rd part key websites for months
    Even Prey can still be bought and activated [with the exception of Dirt 1]

    The reason for this is due to keys being generated before the game being removed, those keys generated are alwyas active and can’t be deactivate, and stay like that still locked to an account.

  • vonSanneck

    So… why are publishers insisting on digital download only games? If there aren’t any laws for this, there should be.

  • vonSanneck

    BTW one that wasn’t mentioned was TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, though no-one wants that so… Good riddance? Still a shame for the rest of the games.

  • pomfland

    Well, at least on GOG it’s not like GRID will disappear from servers – it just isn’t possible to buy it anymore (and you can still backup the installer file on your own in case GOG becomes defunct). Not sure how it works on Steam though.

  • Michele

    Game preservation is a real issue expecially with digital downloaded games. Something must be done to ensure that no game is erased from history and that it will always be available. Someone has to take responsability in ensuring this.
    In my opinion if a game cannot be sold anymore, and so not providing any income to one party, it should be set free to everyone.

  • jaygerbomb

    Same – it’s still available for download if you own it, you just can’t purchase it.

  • jaygerbomb

    Licensed properties don’t work like that, unfortunately, and that’s the heart of the issue. All these games use licenses the publisher no longer has the rights to.

  • Michele

    I know. That’s why I say it should be changed, maybe by law. Something that put preservation before license issues.


    I was going to ask if anyone thought that people were tired of being fucked over by these big publishers yet, but obviously not. So instead I’m asking if perhaps its some kind of ‘inertial suck’ where gamers are so used to be fucked over, and are so emotionally invested in the ‘this time it’ll be different’ mindset that they just keep going?

  • Queen Cheng

    Because it will save them more, which means more money for them. Imagine how much money they saved by slashing physical copies off their plans, and are selling these titles for the same price if there were physical copies.

    And the reality is, we do not have a choice. Either we accept the fact that they’re selling it for the same price without the good old physical copies, boxes with arts, manuals, possibly even a map or artbook, or we don’t and miss all the fun of the game.

    They got us all trapped. I for one would buy a physical copy even if I have to pay for an expensive shipping.