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Latest Console Gaming News

Ubisoft Games April 2022 cover

Ubisoft Plans for 5 Major Game Launches Before April 2022?

Ubisoft has plans to launch five major games (and a bunch of smaller ones) by March 31, 2022 — but Skull & Bones won't be one of them.
EA Play Live 2021 cover

EA Play Live 2021, Devolver Digital Summer Plans Announced

The dates for EA Play Live 2021 and Devolver Digital's E3 2021 show have both been announced — get ready for a summer of fun!
A truck driving through snowy terrain in SnowRunner

SnowRunner Season 4 Adds A Huge New Region And Much More

Fans of truckin' across the universe rejoice, for SnowRunner season 4 has a release date. It's coming alongside a Steam version of the game on May 18th.
A banner image featuring LucasArts SNES classics Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol

(Updated) Zombies Ate My Neighbors And Ghoul Patrol Are Getting A Re-Release

Two LucasArts SNES classics, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol, are headed to Nintendo Switch next month with a bunch of extra features.

Console Gaming Features

New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap: The Difference 22 Years Makes

New Pokemon Snap changes a lot from the original game 22 years ago, but a lot of its loveable essence remains intact on the Switch.
Football Manager

How Football Manager Helped Me Get Through the Pandemic

The pandemic hasn't been easy for sports fans, but thanks to the Football Manager franchise, one fan found a way to cope in the lockdown.
Emil, a skeletal being looking up from a kneeling position to the hero.

Understanding NieR Replicant and Yoko Taro

After spending several weeks in NieR Replicant I had a recurring thought. Did any of these new additions matter? The answer? It's complicated.
Xbox Game Pass Kingdom Hearts Mass Effect 2 Best RPGs

The 5 Best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass

From Kingdom Hearts to Skyrim, Xbox Game Pass is host to a haven for some of the best RPGs in gaming. Here are a few you should check out if you haven't already.

Latest Console Gaming Reviews

new pokemon snap

New Pokemon Snap Review

New Pokemon Snap captures the magic of the Pokemon series with dazzling visuals and so much content in each level. It's just short of being perfect, were it not for a few small quirks.
Druids Cover

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids Review

Wrath of the Druids is fun because it continues the inherently fun core gameplay loop of the base game, but I wish it had done a bit more to experiment.
The game's title in yellow text, the lettering crumbling away

Returnal Review

While there are a few difficulty issues and some iffy story beats, Returnal is a fantastically brutal, rewarding, and deeply atmospheric sci-fi action game.
Magazine showing the protagonist, Sunita, on the cover of a science magazine

Before I Forget Review

Before I Forget is a strong, concise story tracing a woman suffering from dementia as she slowly uncovers pieces of herself as well as the story framed within this mental health journey. It doesn't waste players' time with a run-time that doesn't overstay its welcome, helped by a protagonist that doesn't divulge too much information when she speaks.