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Latest Console Gaming News

The Ubisoft logo against a backdrop of some of the company's most famous games

Ubisoft Employees Accuse Management Of Avoiding Issues

Ubisoft employees have accused the company of avoiding its issues and of continuing to promote and protect offenders in a response to a company statement.

Cat Adventure Stray Delayed Until 2022

In Stray, you are a cat that's lost, alone, and separated from your family. Like Stray, you too are lost and alone until 2022 after the Stray delay was announced
A still from The Last Worker's announcement trailer.

The Last Worker Nominated at Venice Film Festival

The Last Worker, an upcoming narrative adventure game, has been nominated for the VR Expanded category in the 78th Venice International Film Festival.
Clicker Heroes 2 development cover

Financial Troubles Slow Down Clicker Heroes 2 Development

Clicker Heroes 2 development is slowing down due to financial troubles; Playsaurus says that there won't likely be any major updates on PC anytime soon.

Console Gaming Features

Pokemon Unite

How Pokemon Unite Compares to Other MOBAs

Pokemon Unite is the newest MOBA on the market based on one of the most popular IP to ever exist. How does it compare to the other MOBAs?
techraptor nick all star brawl

7 Characters We Want in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Everyone might have their picks, but here are the 7 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl characters we want to see in the final game.
Fem Shep staring ahead

Exploring Transgender Identity Through Video Games

Video games can help trans people discover their true selves in a variety of ways, including through character creators and stories.
Rare Expensive Video Games Key Header

7 of the Rarest, Most Expensive Video Games

There are a lot of expensive video games out there, but which ones are also the rarest and most obscure? Here is a list celebrating seven such games.

Latest Console Gaming Reviews

Lost At Sea Opening

Lost At Sea Review

Studio Fizbin's first foray into the first-person narrative adventure sub-genre is their most uncreative work thus far.
Chernobylite Review Header

Chernobylite Review

Chernobylite is nearly impossible to put in a specific genre and it feels generally unpolished, but the sheer amount of fun and excitement that it provides makes the game more than worth playing.
Three indents staring at the tower of The Ascent Group

The Ascent Review

While Neon Giant's cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent has a few undercooked issues, it's an imaginative take on cyberpunk sci-fi that sticks in the mind.
Portal power!

Unbound: Worlds Apart Review

Thinking with portals has gotten to a level beyond using them to jump to different worlds. This time, it's using them to have the properties of other worlds affect your world in Unbound: Worlds Apart.