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2017 techraptor awards best visuals

2017 TechRaptor Awards - Best Visuals Award

From one year to the next the art of video games seems to take it up a notch across the board.
techraptor awards 2017 best soundtrack

2017 TechRaptor Awards - Best Soundtrack Award

Music has played a huge part in gaming since day one. There are many tracks people that don't play games would even know.
2017 techraptor awards best writing

2017 TechRaptor Awards - Best Writing Award

Video game writing has come a long way for most titles.
2017 techraptor awards best multiplayer

2017 TechRaptor Awards - Best Multiplayer Award

Everyone gets in on the action of handing out arbitrary awards for self-defined categories and TechRaptor is no exception.
2017 techraptor awards nominees

2017 TechRaptor Awards Nominees and Readers' Choice Vote

It's the time of year for every publication to bring out arbitrary lists and attempt to whittle down the hundreds of games released this year to th
Able Gamers Preview Image V2

TechRaptor Will Be Streaming For AbleGamers on November 18

This year, TechRaptor will be setting out to raise money for AbleGamers!
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[Updated] We are Making Some Big Changes And Here Is Why

In 2017, we added an editor's note to our articles for quality reasons. This post is no longer fully up to date, please see the link inside.
write for us

We're seeking more talented writers to join us!

TechRaptor is growing on a daily basis, with solid daily views, and our articles being picked up from various sources regularly.
TR Awards Home Team E3 2017

Best of E3 From the Home Team

We can't all attend E3.
Best of E3 2017

Best of E3 2017 From the Showfloor

We saw many great games while we were at E3 this year, so it made the decisions for who we were going to give our six Best of E3 awards a little di
TechRaptor Featured 1

TechRaptor at E3 2017

TechRaptor will once again be on the show floor at E3, returning for E3 2017.
TechRaptor Featured 1

Highlighting TechRaptor's Series

Due to our own failings, there may be a large portion of our readers who are unaware of some of our series we have here on TechRaptor.
TechRaptor GOG

Introducing GOG as a new Partner and Pack Membership Update

Hello TechRaptor Readers, Pack Members, and Subscribers!
Extra Life 2017

TechRaptor Will Be Streaming For Extra Life 2017!

Once again, TechRaptor will be going to bat f
Nintendo Switch Basic Screen

Where's Our Nintendo Switch Review?

The Nintendo Switch launched today and with it what appears to be<
TR Awards Preview Image Nominees

[Updated] 2016 TechRaptor Awards - Nominees and Reader's Choice Vote

Update 1/16/17: Reader's choice voting is over, thanks to all who participated! Now it's time to start announcing the winners.
TechRaptor 2017 Message

2016 Year in Review - So Much To Celebrate

The end of 2016 is upon us, and with it comes reflection upon what transpired throughout the year.
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We Deleted A Sponsored Post, And That's Important

Hey Raptor Pack / TechRaptor Readers,