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2016 Year in Review - So Much To Celebrate

The end of 2016 is upon us, and with it comes reflection upon what transpired throughout the year.

We're Seeking Dedicated and Skilled People to Join Our Staff!

TechRaptor is growing on a daily basis, with our Alexa Rank nearing the top 65,000 in the world, daily views consistently increasing, and our artic

TechRaptor, Review Copies, and You

With the recent news that Bethesda will be
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We Deleted A Sponsored Post, And That's Important

Hey Raptor Pack / TechRaptor Readers,
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Site Update On An Auto-Playing Ads Issue

Hello TechRaptor Readers, I just have a quick update in regards to the ads on our site.
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Gratipay Followup: A Necessity for Clarity

A github post discussing our application was brought to our attention from an emai
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[Updated] A Warning on Gratipay's Application Process

Update: Gratipay responded to us in Email, where the same Tech Communications guy told us that our application had been reopen