TechRaptor Humble Bundle Grand Site Relaunch Giveaway

A Humble Offering

TechRaptor launched back in 2013, with a site that our owner has understatedly said, "looked like shit" (if I were commenting I might say something like with iframes and HTML you could make something that looks better). Since then we've learned a lot in this journey and traveled a long way - and while personally I didn't join until late 2014 (this is about my 5th anniversary here), I'm pretty glad to be part of helping launch TechRaptor 3.0 today.

TechRaptor 3.0 isn't a finished product though, but instead to the beginning of a new journey forward. We have a lot of plans and ideas that we're working through, and I suggest you go see what Rutledge has to say to find out more. 

Here though we've partnered with one of our partners, Humble Bundle, to giveaway 5 copies of One Month of Humble Monthly. This will give the winners a bunch of free games, a discount on the Humble Store, a month's access to the Humble Trove (with over 60 DRM-free games) and more. I'd like to thank them for celebrating this with us and thank you for your support over the years. Without your reading, your sharing of TechRaptor and your time, we wouldn't be here.

Now here what you're all here for:

TechRaptor New Site Grand Reopening Humble Bundle Giveaway

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