TechRaptor April QnA Announcement

We've been less than regular with our monthly QnAs for a while now, but we plan on fixing that starting with this month. From this point on we will be doing them at least once a month and will be announcing them through a blog post and spreading the word around. This month's QnA will be taking place April 23rd at 7:00 p.m. EDT, streaming on YouTube.

If you haven't watched any of our live QnAs before, we try to get a good chunk of our editorial staff there, like myself, our founder Rutledge, our News Editor Don Parsons, etc. and possibly some other staff as well to answer some questions. Those questions can be about TechRaptor itself, what's going on, why we did something a certain way, why we didn't cover something—whatever. Feel free to also ask us about anything gaming or tech related—or just general stuff—and we'll try to get to that as well.

So starting now, feel free to leave a comment here with a question, reply to the tweet that will go when this publishes, send something to us on Twitter with #AskTechRaptor—pretty much anywhere you want to get in touch with us. Of course, you can ask us questions while the QnA is going as well.

We all look forward to seeing you there!

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Andrew Otton
Editor in Chief

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