Supporting Hope for Haiti

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Supporting Hope for Haiti

August 15, 2021

By: Dashiell Wood


The last year and a half has been exceptionally hard on people across the world. Between a global pandemic, regional conflicts, supply shortages, and climate change-driven ecological disasters — it has been one unprecedented event after another.

This makes what’s happened in Haiti even more heartbreaking. In 2010, Haiti experienced an earthquake that left over 200,000 dead and the impact is still being felt to this day, even before the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit the country yesterday.

This second earthquake in just a little over 11 years is leading to yet more death, more strife, and uncertainty for the people of Haiti.

Haiti needed our help in 2010 and they need it again now. With over $7.8 billion in damages in 2010, the country is still recovering from the last event, and this earthquake (plus 3 subsequent smaller ones) was even more powerful than the last.


Our team has been deeply saddened by this news and so we’re making a donation to Hope for Haiti today, and are asking our readers to join us by showing their support.

Hope for Haiti’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children. They work to accomplish this through programs that focus on education, healthcare, water, infrastructure and economy. The organization was very involved in the 2010 disaster, and is already putting together short and long term plans for the 2021 earthquake(s). You can learn more about the organization by visiting their website here.

This is part of our long-term goal of increasing our donations to charity organizations, which has recently included Safe In Our World, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, and the NAACP Legal Defence Fund.

We hope you’ll join us in donating to Hope for Haiti, or another organization that’s pledged to help the people of Haiti. You can find a donation link and further resources here.

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