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Published: May 19, 2021 12:36 PM /


Charity Palestine

You have no doubt seen coverage of the various attacks against the Palestinian people by Israel, throwing the region into an even deeper crisis than it’s been in before. Civilians are left without access to clean water, electricity, and shelter. Many have been wounded or killed as Israel rains down bombs in the Gaza area, devastating people and places who have no direct ties to the current conflict—such as worldwide news organizations covering the events in the area like the Associated Press or Al Jazeera.

There are few more fraught situations than that of the dispute between Palestine and Israel, with decades of conflict between them. There is a real humanitarian crisis as people are getting bombed out of their homes, out of the streets, or for peaceful protests.

This isn’t a new situation, but it’s one that has become increasingly more dire in recent weeks. While much of the world watches in horror and wonders what can be done, one thing that we as people can do is help promote a few charities working in the region to provide support to those who are hurt, displaced, or otherwise in need.

As an outlet, TechRaptor feels it’s important to not only share stories about the games we all love, but also to use our growing voice to help or provide support to those who need it. While we can’t all be in the region to lend physical support, we can help provide the necessary resources to those who can.

TechRaptor has donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund as of this post, and we invite others to join us, or to make a contribution to one of the following charities helping the area and the Palestinian people.


Doctors Without Borders
One of the best known international aid groups, Doctors Without Borders has been in the Gaza Strip for over 20 years. The organization provides medical help to those who need it in an area that has been blockaded for a long time and sometimes lack the medical supplies themselves.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
Established in 1992, the PCRF was created by folks in the U.S. to try to address medical and humanitarian issues in Palestine. Their main objective as they put it: “to identify and treat every child in the Middle East in need of specialized surgery not available to them locally.”

United Nations Relief and Works Agency
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has helped millions of people in the Palestine region since 1950. Their schools  have provided shelter to those without places to stay, and the UNRWA provides healthcare, food, and monetary support for the poorest in the area.

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