Spellbreak Giveaway

One of the hottest new competitive games out today is Proletariat, Inc.'s Spellbreak. In this multiplayer title, players take the role of a battlemage and fight head-to-head against other magical opponents in a large map. It's also a battle royale, so there's plenty of looting, frantic battles, and struggling to be the last one standing.

For this giveaway, TechRaptor teamed up with Proletariat, Inc. to provide 30 lucky winners with a Spellbreak Master Pack, redeemable on the Epic Games Store. This pack retails for $119.99 and contains multiple costumes, badges, as well as 15,000 gold in currency. You can enter the competition below, with just a few quick clicks and follows!

TechRaptor Spellbreak Giveaway

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