Rewind Review Week 2016

Published: July 25, 2016 12:30 PM /


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Last year we began something we have been calling our "Theme Week." Every month, we dedicate a week with at least one article a day around one sort of theme. We celebrated Mario's 30th Anniversary with a theme week, had staff argue for what they considered the best game of Gen 7, and more. However, it all started off last year with a week of Rewind Reviews. It's returned this week and we have a great list of games we have reviewed from in the past for you to look out for. I'd expect there will be a few most of you have never heard of either.

Rewind Reviews have a couple of rules attached to them. First, the game must be at least ten years old. Second, our reviewers had to have never played said game before or not played it in the last five. Other than that, Rewind Reviews get the exact same treatment as any of our other reviews. We are not in the practice of reviewing old games and giving out scores—Rewind Reviews are the exception. 

Below we will update this post each day linking to all of the Rewind Reviews of that week. We hope you enjoy!

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? by Anton Hill

Umihara Kawase by James Galizio

Have any ideas for theme weeks we could steal for the future? What game would you review if given the chance?