Raptor Giveaways - Charity Drive, GemBox, and The Bunker

Greetings everyone!

Today we're here looking at a series of giveaways we have for this weekend, a couple that are our normal giveaway set up and the series of giveaways that we have ongoing in part with our Able Gamers Charity drive starting today, along with some details about that.

Let's get that out of the way first - so that you can understand it, and see how it's going and how you can help support Able Gamers! If you're wanting to just skip to the Gem Box and The Bunker, go to the end to see more!

For Able Gamers we were seeking to raise at least $100 - something that we have already done thanks to great support. We're now targeting and hoping to get all the way to $500 and we have some incentives to get giveaways going. You can visit our team page here if you want to donate.


Every 2 hours starting at 1pm Eastern Today we'll be running a giveaway with various titles.

Today: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, 11pm

Saturday: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, 11pm

Sunday: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, 11pm

Additionally, at the end of Friday and Saturday depending on how much we have donated we'll be running another giveaway. One of these is triggered for each $50 donated. For both of these, no donation is at all needed to the event - just be around! You can watch our stream here!

At the event on Sunday however, we will be rewarding those who have donated. We'll be running a bigger giveaway with the headliner of Shadow Warrior 2 being given away. Entries for that one are based on donations functioning like a raffle. Each person who makes a donation is entered and for each $10 donated, another entry to the draw is given to the person. There will be several titles beyond Shadow Warrior 2 in that as well.


Additionally, donors get to help influence what gets played now and in the future on stream. Already, the donations have set it for Kevin to be playing Gal*Gun: Double Peace to completion, and Kindra playing a random horror and rage game that was voted on!

Here are some of the additional incentives, although others may be added:

  • At $150 Kevin will stream Homefront to completion
  • At $200 Kevin will play Borderlands 2 plus DLC to completion
  • At $250 Kevin will play Aliens: Colonial Marines to completion
  • At $500 Don will play Fallout 3 to completion (with his rants on the game as he does so)
These will all be done on stream.

For donors who put in certain amounts, there are also another special from Kindra

  • $25 or more - You can request her to play a small indie or flash game
  • $35 or more - You can request a small digital drawing or simple photoshop
  • $50 or more - You can request a larger digital drawing or more complex photoshop
  • $75 or more - Request a Visual Novel or Short RPG and she'll do all the funny voices (excluding Undertale)
  • $100 or more - Stream a short game with singing commentary for as long as her vocal chords work
We hope you join us having some great fun with this event.

Now, as for our normal Raptor Giveaways we have a Gem Box and 4 copies of The Bunker.


The Gem Box is a special console type device that we've reviewed - it is essentially an Android box and can do some interesting things. This giveaway is open to Europeans only sadly due to shipping concerns from the maker of it but it is a pretty interesting giveaway.

Raptor Giveaway - Gembox

For a more traditional giveaway we have 4 copies of Green Man Gaming published The Bunker, which is an FMV game where you play as the last remaining survivor in a nuclear bunker. Its an interesting and different experience that you can learn more about on Green Man Gaming's own website.

Raptor Giveaway - The Bunker

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