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Raptor Giveaway - Tyranny (5 GOG Codes)

This week, we're continuing our successful streak of GOG giveaways with Tyranny, the Obsidian RPG that explores the dark side of morality. In our review, Robert Grosso explored everything the game had to offer and came away with mixed thoughts.

Tyranny shows how hard it is to be evil, and how hard it is to write evil. While the main story ultimately falls back on more clichés, the ideas behind Tyranny still provide a strong foundation for future titles in this world; we after all only see one corner of Kyros’ Empire and it happens to be the last part conquered. Tyranny has a lot of potential as a series, and while the over-reliance on combat and the major plot snags hold it back from being truly great, there is a lot of hope for the future. Evil is a tough nut to crack, but Obsidian has made a few fractures in the shell surrounding it; the next step is to break it wide open with a sequel. Otherwise, Tyranny will likely remain a cult classic RPG in the vein of Arcanum or Suikoden; great ideas that ultimately fall short of their full potential.
Complete some social actions below and you too can see why this game is destined for cult status. Or, if you're not in the mood for evil, you can always check out Throne of Darkness, the latest hidden gem brought back to the surface by GOG in celebration of their ongoing RPG sale. Fight against the demon Zanshin and his horde of undead warriors in this classic Activision ARPG.

Raptor Giveaway - Tyranny - Commander Edition


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