July's Theme Week – The Best Game of Gen 7

Published: July 20, 2015 12:00 PM /


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Last month for theme week, dubbed Rewind Review Week, we looked at games that were at least 10+ years old and reviewed them. This month, we decided to keep looking back at a generation that now almost has some games nearing the 10 year old mark. We felt like this E3 was really the last where even a small amount of attention would be given to the last generation of consoles, so we thought we would celebrate some of what they brought to gaming.

Generation 7 lasted an incredibly long time, allowing for many incredible games to be made in its long life. This week, seven of our writers here at TechRaptor will be making their case for a game (one's a trilogy), arguing why it deserves the title of "Best Game of Gen 7." Some of their choices will be surprising, some not so much. I'd imagine we even have a game few have even heard of on the list!

Obviously, we'll never really have a conclusion on what the Best Game of Gen 7 is, but we can all surely recognize some great games in the process of that pursuit. We're pretty sure some disagreements will be flying around as well. Feel free to leave comments here or on the individual articles as to why you agree, disagree or what you think deserves the title.

Additionally we'll be streaming on Twitch some of the best with various authors appearing to discuss it. You can see the schedule there or on our forums (where you can discuss it too!) Last but not least, our Reader Response for this week is asking you what you think is the best of Gen 7, so take your thoughts on that over to the forum and enter them for a chance to appear in next week's article and to win a game.

We hope you enjoy!

The list of authors and their games will be updated daily below:

Do you have an idea for a Theme Week you'd like to see? What do you think is the Best Game of Gen 7?

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