Introducing Rewind Review Week

Published: June 22, 2015 9:30 AM /


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Hello fellow Pack members, we here at TechRaptor are starting a new type of feature that you can expect to see from us on the last full week of the month every month. For that week, we have internally started to call "Theme Week," we will be choosing a theme and having one article a day featuring whatever that theme may be.

This week, this month really, we have decided to do what we are calling "Rewind Review Week." Basically, those that signed up were given free rein to pick any game that was more than ten years old or that they have not played in ten or more years and review it. All other reviews they did were given the same treatment as we would give any review.

This week you will see a few choices that you might expect people to make, and you'll probably see a game or two that you have not heard of. Expect the first Rewind Review today at 12 p.m. EDT.

Also, this post will act as a sort of hub. Expect to see the collection of Rewind Week reviews below as they get released.

Day 1: Allistar Pinsof takes a look at the Dark Forces Series.

Day 2: Max Michael takes a look at Xenogears.

Day 3: Jarred Rutherford takes a look at Arx Fatalis.

Day 4: Alex Santa Maria takes a look at Psychonauts.

Day 5: Jason Ashman takes a look at Blaster Master.

Day 6: Harrison Stewart takes a look at 1080.

What are some "Theme Weeks" you would like to see? If given the chance, what would your Rewind Review be?