Introducing KekRaptor

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Introducing KekRaptor

February 21, 2016

By: Andrew Otton


Here at TechRaptor we've done just a few satire posts in the past, some of which were of course on April Fools' Day last year. Since then we have had several writers show an interest in writing satirical articles, so KekRaptor is their outlet to do so.

But wait, we are supposed to be serious and be professional all the time, right? 99% of our content will continue to be exactly that. Anything satirical will be labeled with KekRaptor in the article title, and as of right now KekRaptor articles will only be published on Sundays barring instances where timing would make sense. That will be incredibly rare, however.

KekRaptor content won't be just any general satire, either. It will of course be firmly grounded in either tech or gaming. 


Here's a few we've done in the past:

Today we are launching KekRaptor with our first article. Expect to see one, maybe more if enough interest comes along, on Sundays.

We hope you enjoy!

Andrew Otton
Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief at TechRaptor. Has long believed Dynasty Warriors 4 to be the pinnacle of gaming.

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