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Published: March 30, 2017 2:11 PM /


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Hello TechRaptor Readers, Pack Members, and Subscribers!

Today is a fantastic day, as yesterday we wrapped up a 2,000 skin code SMITE Giveaway that saw 1,000+ people enter in less than 6 hours! We're ecstatic to have been able to bring that to our readers and to be able to continue working with developers to giveaway their games to our readers!

Today, however, we have an all new announcement to make!

GOG is joining the list of Pack Hunter Partners!

That's right, GOG is joining the ranks of our other partners to bring exclusive perks to our paying members! Giveaways and a monthly section that will have a discount that only Pack Hunters can get sounds pretty great right? We like to think so!

Check out the details below:

TechRaptor Partner GOG new

To flesh out the special Pack Hunter only perks:

  • Giveaways - We'll be getting a few sets of games each month from GOG (hand-picked by TechRaptor) to giveaway to Pack Hunters. You'll receive the links via e-mail, so make sure isn't going to spam!
  • Special Discounts - At the start of every month, we'll e-mail out a special link to each pack hunter member that's good for a single purchase. This link will take you to a special part of GOG's site that will give you access to a set of discounted games you can't get anywhere other than being a Pack Hunter! You can visit the link as many times as you want, but once you make a purchase from that link, it won't work anymore!
We're so incredibly excited to be working with GOG further as both an affiliate and a partner. Between community giveaways for all our readers and the Pack Hunter perks, both companies believe that our communities have something to be excited about!

Make sure you check out the full lineup of Pack Hunter Partners:

TechRaptor Partner Images

Changes to Pack Membership & TechRaptor

When we launched our Pack Membership in September we had lofty goals, and many of them (to be honest) I don't feel I've properly delivered on. With that said, here's what's coming to really improve our Pack Membership:
  • We've finalized the numbers for Physical Kickstarter Rewards and will be placing the orders to get those fulfilled ASAP.
  • We're going to be checking with every Kickstarter Backer and making sure they have the correct Pack Hunter/Runner account, as well as extending their membership for our delay. We truly value each of you.
  • We're dropping the "Voice Servers" for members and building a Discord that will be integrated with our site, Patreon, and Twitch, with special areas for Pack Runners and Pack Hunters.
  • We're revamping our Patreon in the near future. We realize we've let that slide far too much.
  • We've dropping the Wordpress-based forums and are building a new set of forums that integrate tightly with our membership platform.
  • I won't expand on this much, but we're working with a third party company to bring a really cool new set of features to TechRaptor that will allow you to utilize the site in a much different way :)
  • Finally, we're in the process of rebuilding our server infrastructure from scratch to improve load speeds and response times, making reading our site easier and better.

If you follow me on Twitter, I spend a lot of time talking about TechRaptor and what we're doing with the site, both successes and failures. I care a lot about making sure our site is the best it can be for you. As always, our readers are the the front of our mind when we make major site decisions, because you're the ones that will be using the site and reading the articles we publish. Our goal in 2017 is to make TechRaptor a place you impulsively log in to just to check "what's up" with the other Pack Members and have some fun with them and our staff.

From myself, my editors, and my staff: we can't thank you enough for reading TechRaptor every day, and we hope that we can keep improving the site in such a way that you'll continue to do so.

—Rutledge Daugette, Site Founder

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