Introducing the Game Release Calendar

Published: October 14, 2021 5:33 PM /


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It has been almost two months since our shiny new site launched, but we still have big plans! This month has introduced two new exciting site features which you can access now. In addition to the brand new TechRaptor podcast, which you can find right here, we have also created and deployed the new Game Release Calendar.

With the Game Release Calendar, our aim is to help you keep on top of all the latest and upcoming game releases through an easy-to-use hub.

What is the Game Release Calendar?

The Game Release Calendar is a brand new site feature that helps you keep up to date with upcoming game releases. Simply put, it is a calendar populated by the most significant upcoming game releases.

Clicking on any of the listed games will bring you to our game page where you can access your favorite coverage; including reviews, previews, guides, interviews and much more. Game pages only show articles relevant to their associated games, so if a title on the calendar catches your eye you can give it a little click and find out more.

Using the slider at the top of the calendar, you can navigate through past and future months. Ever found yourself wondering which games came out last month? Now you can check in just a few clicks.

Finally, we also provide the option to download the current contents of the calendar as an .ics (iCalendar) file. iCalendar is a standardized calendar file format that can be used with the majority of calendar apps and websites (Outlook, Google Calendar etc.). This means that you can add all of gaming’s most significant upcoming releases to your own personal calendar completely free of charge! Pretty sweet right?

To download the iCalendar file, simply click the hyperlink in the subheading ‘This calendar is available in iCalendar (.ics) format here’ on the calendar page.

If you fancy giving it a look, the page can be found by following this direct link or by clicking on ‘Game Calendar’ on the navigation bar situated right at the top of the site. On mobile phones, tablets or other devices with small screens, the same tab can be found on the menu slider.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the Game Release Calendar, feel free to drop them in the comments below. Happy browsing!


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