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Due to our own failings, there may be a large portion of our readers who are unaware of some of our series we have here on TechRaptor. They range from our satire series KekRaptor to a more academic approach about the genre of Role-Playing Games. We wanted to rectify that problem, so we created pages detailing all of our highlighted series. You can find the banners linking to them on our sidebar.

Every time a new article in a respective series is published, the page will be updated accordingly. So if you missed something, you can come back and check!

Here's a quick rundown of each of our highlighted series:

bullet points 1

Bullet Points takes a look at one specific, unique aspect about a game discussing its overall significance to the game as a whole and often its significance outside of it as well. You can check out all of our Bullet Points articles, as well as more info on the series, here.

Character Select

The goal of Character Select is to showcase some of video gaming's best characters. There are many icons of gaming and many characters we all hold dear, but why is that so? What is it about certain characters that we like or enjoy? You can check out all of our Character Select articles, as well as more info on the series, here.

diary of death

Diary of Death is a thematic narrative retelling of an entire campaign of the boutique nightmare horror boardgame Kingdom Death: Monster. The world of Kingdom Death is dark and cruel, and the humans that exist there are at the bottom of the food chain. You can check out all of our Diary of Death articles, as well as more info on the series, here.

game changers 2

Some games are great, but others are memorable for all time. Whether it’s a new mechanic, a new presentation, or simply being in the right place at the right time, these are some game changers in a growing industry. Game Changers takes a look at the very best of video games. You can check out all of our Game Changers articles, as well as more info on the series, here.

gaming obscura series

In a world of AAA franchises and smash hit indie titles, a lot of games get lost in the shuffle once released. Gaming Obscura aims to look at a lot of these forgotten, underrated, or otherwise obscure video games that may not have stood the test of time but deserve a moment in the sun. You can check out all of our Gaming Obscura articles, as well as more info on the series, here.

kekraptor 1

KekRaptor is our weekly satire series that often takes a look at, and makes fun of, current events in the gaming and tech worlds. You can check out all of our KekRaptor articles here.

playing roles

Playing Roles hopes to analyze the history and culture of video game RPGs, looking at tropes, mechanics, the philosophy of design, and even some retrospectives of classic RPG titles. As an academic series, it also hopes to challenge the notion of what a role-playing game is, offering a new thesis in how RPGs have a lot in common, despite their different mechanics, settings, and play styles. You can check out all of our Playing Roles articles, as well as more info on the series, here.

rewind reviews

Rewind Reviews is our series where we look back at older games through a modern lens and put them through our review process. We’ve looked at obscure games, classics, and more, across many different systems. You can check out all of our Rewind Reviews, as well as more info on the series, here.

year of final fantasy

Our Year of Final Fantasy series is a celebration that started on the series’ 29th anniversary, continuing until its 30th. It’s a large-scale retrospective of all the major titles as well as several sequels and spinoffs to discuss what has made the series so popular and long-lasting. You can check out all of our Year of Final Fantasy articles, as well as more info on the series, here.

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