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Welcome to E3 2016, arguably one of the biggest events every year in video games. We have conferences to speculate about, trailers to watch, announcement to wait on the edge of our seats for, and so much more coming to us over the next week. Is that franchise you like getting a new sequel? Is your favorite developer coming out of retirement for one last hurrah? Will Valve finally learn how to count to three?

We here at TechRaptor are going to be doing our very best to keep you updated on all of the news that comes out of E3, and we've already seen so much! We have a team of writers traveling to E3 ready to mingle with a variety of developers, including CD Projekt Red, Bandai Namco, and many others! For those of us unable to get the time off work though, we will be diligently sitting behind our monitors around the world ready to cover events and announcements as they happen. Our E3 2016 coverage will include prediction articles on what we expect to see, Recap and Live articles of all of the conference announcements as they come out, interviews with developers from the convention floor, and coverage of all of the non-conference news as well.



At the beginning of E3, this contents table won't be able to link to to much, but as E3 goes on, expect this to be the easiest way to find news that has been added, or to find news that you might want to go back and show your friends.


Pre-E3 Announcement Recaps

Normally there are bits and pieces of official news, as well as leaks, that come out before E3 has started but this year has been pretty incredible with all of the news. Here we have rounded up all the news as it has come out. For substantial news we have put out individual articles but for the small teases and leaks we put them together in Pre-E3 2016 Roundups.

June 6th

June 7th

June 8th

June 9th

June 10th

June 12th

June 13th


Predicting E3 2016

Here are our articles predicting what we expect to show up at each of the major publishers conferences. These articles have some of our writers talking about what we're expecting to see, what we're hoping to see, and what we really don't think will be making an appearance.


Press Conferences

Here is where we will collect together all of our stories from each of the press conferences. At the top of each list will be our recap article, this will have a brief overview of every announcement made at the conferences, and our live articles, smaller articles with information pertaining to one announcement each.

If you want to watch the Press Conferences live be sure to check our Viewer's Guide to Watching E3 2016 From Home.


Square Enix - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Watch Dogs 2

Bungie - Destiny




PC Gamer



Active Time Report - Final Fantasy XV




From The Floor

Here is where we will be linking to all of the interviews and game play first impressions that our ground team will be producing over the course of the week. Due to the sheer number of appointments that have been made a lot of these articles can be expected to arrive in the week after E3 concludes. 


First Impressions


General News

This is where we will put any news that doesn't relate to any of the conferences and comes out during the week of E3. This will include pretty much everything that doesn't fall into any of the other categories.



We here at TechRaptor are going to be doing our utmost to make sure that as the news comes out that we are ready to report on it and update this page with what you need. We plan to have this article pinned to our Twitter so if you want to be sure that you're able to get back here quickly or hear about our articles as we publish them then be sure to follow us on the TechRaptor Official Twitter.

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