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Books, television, and radio have all made great use of anthologies in the past. Short, self-contained stories allow the exploration of ideas that may not work in a longer form. For various reasons, this approach has been relatively rare in video games, but Dread X Collection is one example of a game that challenges that.

A collection of 10 P.T.-inspired horror games, Dread X Collection has a mixture of different horror experiences all designed to be a pure distillation of their concept much like the original Playable Teaser for Silent Hills was. It's less about scary corridors and more about what would the ideal small bite of a horror concept be.

Designed in a week-long game jam, these titles are worth your time our Samuel Guglielmo found in his look at them, and the developers are donating $2 of every sale ($7 US price) to Doctors Without Borders.

To further help with the trying times, the people behind the Dread X Collection have partnered with TechRaptor to giveaway 10 copies of their game. You can enter the competition below, with just a few quick clicks, follows, and a quick join of our Discord! Check out our Deals Page too!

TechRaptor Dread X Collection Giveaway

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