Abbey Games Renowned Explorers Giveaway

TechRaptor has partnered with Abbey Games to give away 5 copies of their acclaimed (particularly here at TechRaptor) title Renowned Explorers: International Society to celebrate their newest title Godhood, which is currently in Early Access.

Renowned Explorers features a rich cast of characters who you pick between to lead on expeditions to explore the world, uncover the past, and take home great treasure. With bright, expressive art, a unique battle system that mixes physical and emotional based combat alongside great short stories throughout, it's been a game I go back to over and over again. Doing runs in the game is great fun, and you find all sorts of little secrets as you try to beat Rivaleux or increase your high score. It's a game that doesn't quite fit easily into a genre or tag because it does so many things well and a lot of systems that interlock beautifully.

After a number of updates, and a couple of expansions, the team at Abbey Games moved onto their next project though, and the one that they are currently working on, GodhoodGodhood is a roster-management auto-battling god game where you inspire your followers and have them follow your beliefs as they battle other tribes in ceremonial combat, based on what they've learned. Right now Godhood is rough around the edges, but there are some good core ideas and concepts worth taking a look at.

So as if you're entering it, take a few minutes to look around and see - and if you pick it up share your thoughts with the Abbey Games team. Renowned Explorers Giveaway

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