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Tabitha Dickerson

Tabitha has been playing games since she was 4. The first console she ever received from her parents was a SEGA MegaDrive.
She has joined the website to gain further experience in an industry that she absolutely adores.

Articles by Tabitha Dickerson

Home Review - Its where the heart was

Having been on a bit of an indie kick lately what with playing Gone home, State of Decay and LocoRoco on PSP, I decided that this time I would review Home.

This Week in Kickstarter 11/14/2014

Welcome back to TWIK, where we scour the kickstarter website for some of the most interesting prospects and pass them onto you.

Bloodbourne devs need more time to birth.

If you were hanging out til the February 6 release of Bloodbourne to get your copy, you will have to wait a bit longer.

N7 day brings tidings of Mass Effect 4

Happy belated N7 day readers. Yesterday was an exciting day for Mass Effect fans. 24 hours ago, Bioware ran a stream on Twitch live from chilly Edmonton and bright eyed Montreal.

Shoestring Gaming - 11/06/2014

This week, on Shoestring Gaming, we at TechRaptor decided to showcase some of the lesser known titles that we have enjoyed.

Evolve Big Alpha - An In-depth look.

The online gaming world right now is all a buzz with Turtle Rock Studios new title Evolve.  The studio that brought us Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Half life 2: Death-match and the Left4Dead ser

Prey 2 PC 2013 1
Prey 2 axed despite completion.

Prey 2 has spent several years since being announced in 2011, within development hell.

November Playstation Plus line-up goes on an indie kick

As readers no doubt know by now, Sony accidentally released the upcoming November Playstation Plus lineup on October 29.

Evolve Big Alpha has Big problems. -Updated-

This Week In Kickstarter - 10/31/14

This Week in Kickstarter we at TechRaptor decided to make up for last weeks game-centric iteration by focusing mostly on tech in this issue.

Shoestring Gaming - Best value for prices

Welcome to the first TechRaptor article of Shoestring Gaming.  In Shoestring Gaming, we plan to highlight some of the best games we have personally tried in terms of gaming value versus cost.