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Samuel Guglielmo

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TechRaptor Writer Since: 2016

About Samuel Guglielmo

I'm Sam. I have been playing video games since my parents brought home a PlayStation whenever that came out. Started writing for TechRaptor for 2016 and, somehow, they've yet to fire me. Instead, they promoted me to Reviews Editor, and now I edit all the reviews that show up on the site. It's a really neat job that I enjoy. Outside of TechRaptor, I also work for DreadXP, an indie horror games media site and publisher where I help edit scripts, do QA testing, and find new projects to publish. When I'm not at work I spend a lot of time reading and watching an unhealthy amount of really bad found footage horror movies. Bad Ben is my horror franchise of choice, and I refuse to ever change that point of view. The namesake of the Situational Awareness Mechanic in Bad Ben: The Game. That's not a joke.

Favorite games:

  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Perfect Dark
  • Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
  • Metro 2033
  • MonsterBag
  • Night in the Woods

Favorite genres:

  • FPSs
  • RPGs
  • Platformers