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Samam Hasan is a freelance writer with a strong love for video games. He enjoys playing sim racing and RPG games in his free time along with the occasional FPS. He always enjoyed writing but didn’t realize he had a knack for it until a couple of years ago. He has written for notable gaming websites in his relatively short writing career.

Outside of writing and gaming, Samam also is an avid music lover, leaning particularly towards rock and metal. He really enjoys playing the electric guitar and also knows a thing or two about the bass. When he’s not writing about or playing video games, you’ll find him watching classic Japanese and European movies or learning about medieval history.

Articles by Samam Hasan

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James Sunderland looking at himself in the mirror in Silent Hill 2

Why the Silent Hill Soundtrack Deserves Much More Credit

Compared to its horror franchise contemporaries, the Silent Hill soundtrack easily stands out as in how well it captures the feeling of the series.

October 7, 2022 | 12:00 EDT

Gran Turismo 7

How Gran Turismo Revolutionized Car Culture

Gran Turismo set a new standard for racing games when it first came out in the late '90s, and its impact on car culture can still be felt today.

June 27, 2022 | 12:00 EDT