Rutledge Daugette

Rutledge Daugette

CEO and Founder

Founder of TechRaptor with a love of video games (B.S. in Game Programming) and technology. Started TechRaptor to create a place where people could come for quality content.

Articles by Rutledge Daugette

TechRaptor New Site

TechRaptor 3.0, Our New Site, IS LIVE


After over a year of planning, months of development, and a month-long sprint to launch by the end of Q3 - we're finally live on our newly redesigned site and upgraded infrastructure!

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 16:27
Scary Games To Play

6 Scary Games You Should Play


Happy Halloween! Here's 6 games we think you should play if you wanna raise your blood pressure a bit.

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 13:20
Kingdom Death Monster Creation

Creating A Monster - How Kingdom Death Monsters Are Designed


It's always a pleasure to talk to Adam Poots of Kingdom Death about the world he's created, its lore, and how it all works together to tell such immersive stories.

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 13:14
Driveclub 2019

What Happened To Driveclub | Is It Worth Playing In 2019


The downfall of DRIVECLUB is an interesting story.  What was once set up to be a premiere PS4 launch title is now facing permanent deletion from the PlayStation Store.

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 13:11
Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami | Retrospective Look


On its 5th Anniversary Max takes a look back at what made Hotline Miami so great.

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 12:54
DK Country

Weird VHS From The 90's | Donkey Kong Country Exposed


Remember that SNES Donkey Kong VHS tape you or some of your friends got in the mail?  Did you every wonder where that came from or what it was all about?   Would you believe its some of the earlies

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 12:51
FF7 Anniversary

Final Fantasy 7 - 20 Years Later


It's no surprise that we have a number of staff members that count Final Fantasy VII as one of their favorite games of all time.

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 12:45
Great Atmospheric Games

6 Atmospheric Games you should play


If you're looking for some great Atmospheric Games - we've put together a list of games to play if you're looking for some good vibes.

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 12:42
Nowhere Prophet Facts

Nowhere Prophet - Quick Facts


It’s been a while since I played a game with such a boisterous clash of genres and influences as Nowhere Prophet.

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 11:11
CC Rivals Impressions

Command & Conquer Rivals - Quick Facts


We got hands-on with Command and Conquer: Rivals at E3 2019, and after Rutledge crushed Sam in a few games - we decided to put some facts together about this mobile adaptation of a classic

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 11:09
gris facts

Gris - Quick Facts


We got hands on with Gris and found it to be a beautiful game, so we dug into some facts about Gris!

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 11:06
SW Quest

Steamworld Quest Hand of Gilgamech | Quick Thoughts and Gameplay


Austin, Dan, and Rutledge have been playing SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech over the last few weeks, and share their thoughts and a bit of gameplay!

Published: Sat, 09/28/2019 - 11:00